Pokemon Masters Tier List (July, 2021)

Pokemon Masters Tier List

Our Pokemon Masters Tier List features some of the best sync pairs for each type of combination.

Last Updated: July 2021

Pokemon Masters EX is a mobile spin-off game of the well-loved Pokemon series. Released in August 2019, the game has since garnered 22 million unique downloads and still has an active gaming community. Unlike traditional Pokemon games, Pokemon Masters EX features a unique gameplay format.

Players compete in 3v3 battles, with each unit being composed of a trainer and a Pokemon. Because each playable character has their own set of active and passive skills, the goal is to mix and match trainers and Pokemon to find the best possible sync pair. And because there are different types of sync pairs, this Pokemon Masters Tier List will be categorizing the best striker, tech, and support sync pair.

It’s also necessary to highlight the importance of sync pairs. Click here to jump to Pokemon Masters Tier List: Battle Role Guide!

Read on to see our top picks for Pokemon Masters EX sync pairs!



With 65 trainers (including your character) and 65 unique Pokemon, there are thousands of possible pairs to try in Pokemon Masters EX. But, of course, some pairs work better than others based on their particular mix of skills.

For our Pokemon Masters Tier List, we’re ranking sync pairs across five tiers: S, A, B, C, and D. We’ve also specified whether each combination is a striker-, tech-, or support-based pairing.



First is S-Tier sync pairs which have some of the most effective in the game. Their skill combinations allow for either hard-hitting or support-heavy plays.

Striker Sync Pairs

  • Cynthia & Mega Garchomp
  • Hilbert & Mightyena
  • Karen & Mega Houndoom
  • Leon & Charizard
  • N & Zekrom
  • Steven & Mega Metagross

Tech Sync Pairs

  • Acerola & Palossand
  • Bianca & Musharna
  • May & Swampert
  • Serena & Delphox
  • Sygna Suit Leaf & Mega Venusaur

Support Sync Pairs

  • Hilbert & Samurott
  • Player & Torchic
  • Professor Sycamore & Xerneas
  • Sabrina & Mega Alakazam
  • Skyla & Swanna
  • Sygna Suit Blue & Mega Blastoise



A-Tier sync pairs are still good picks, but don’t have as much potential as S-Tier sync pairs. This is either because their skillsets require more setup or because their type-based capabilities aren’t as powerful.

Striker Sync Pairs

  • Alder & Volcarona
  • Brendan & Sceptile
  • Blue & Mega Pidgeot
  • Iris & Haxorus
  • Lance & Dragonite
  • Lysandre & Yveltal
  • May & Mega Lopunny
  • Selene & Decidueye
  • Sygna Suit Cynthia & Kommo-o
  • Sygna Suit Grimsley & Mega Sharpedo

Tech Sync Pairs

  • Agatha & Mega Gengar
  • Dawn & Alcremie
  • Flannery & Torkoal
  • Ghetsis & Kyurem
  • Iris & Hydreigon
  • Koga & Crobat
  • Professor Oak & Mew
  • Serena & Whimsicott
  • Volkner & Luxray
  • Will & Xatu

Support Sync Pairs

  • Dawn & Torterra
  • Erika & Comfey
  • Jasmine & Mega Steelix
  • Lillie & Clefairy
  • Leaf & Eevee
  • Lyra & Meganium
  • Misty & Starmie
  • Piers & Obstagoon
  • Rosa & Delibird
  • Sygna Suit Elesa & Rotom



B-Tier sync pairs are combinations that are neither terrible nor spectacular. They’re ideal for players who don’t have access to S- or A-Tiers, but once you get your hands on a higher-tier pair, it’s best to start investing in that.

Striker Sync Pairs

  • Burgh & Leavanny
  • Caitlin & Reuniclus
  • Cyrus & Palkia
  • Elesa & Zebstrika
  • Korrina & Mega Lucario
  • Lance & Gyarados
  • Lyra & Jigglypuff
  • Noland & Mega Pinsir
  • Player & Solgaleo
  • Wally & Mega Gallade

Tech Sync Pairs

  • Brock & Onix
  • Calem & Meowstic
  • Clemont & Heliolisk
  • Kukui & Lycanroc
  • Lisia & Mega Altaria
  • Mallow & Tsareena
  • Ramos & Victreebel
  • Skyla & Togekiss
  • Viola & Masquerain
  • Wallace & Milotic

Support Sync Pairs

  • Drake & Salamence
  • Elio & Primarina
  • Erika & Comfey
  • Glacia & Mega Glalie
  • Lana & Araquanid
  • Phoebe & Dusknoir
  • Plater & Pikachu
  • Rosa & Serperior



C-Tier sync pairs are passable, so unless you don’t have any other higher-tier option that fits the team, steer clear of these pairs.

Striker Sync Pairs

  • Barry & Empoleon
  • Bruno & Machamp
  • Bugsy & Mega Beedrill
  • Ethan & Typhlosion
  • Gardenia & Roserade
  • Kris & Feraligatr
  • Molayne & Dugtrio
  • Pryce & Dewgong
  • Roxie & Scolipede
  • Silver & Ho-oh

Tech Sync Pairs

  • Acerola & Mimikyu
  • Blaine & Rapidash
  • Brawly & Hariyama
  • Crasher Wake & Floatzel
  • Erika & Vileplume
  • Gladion & Silvaly
  • Marnie & Morpeko
  • Siebold & Octillery
  • Sophocles & Togedemaru
  • Winona & Pelipper

Support Sync Pairs

  • Cheryl & Blissey
  • Liza & Lunatone
  • Maylene & Medicham
  • Roxanne & Probopass



Finally, D-Tier sync pairs are bottom-of-the-barrel options. You have little to no reason to invest in these combinations. So, the second you get your hands on better pairs, stop putting time into these.

Striker Sync Pairs

  • Hapu & Mudsdale
  • Marshal & Conkeldur
  • Norman & Slaking
  • Player & Solgaleo
  • Roark & Rampardos
  • Shauntal & Chandelure
  • Siebold & Clawitzer
  • Tate & Solrock
  • Valerie & Sylveon
  • Zinnie & Rayquaza

Tech Sync Pairs

  • Brycen & Cryogonal
  • Candice & Abomasnow
  • Grant & Aurorus
  • James & Weezing
  • Lorelei & Lapras
  • Lucy & Seviper
  • Lt. Surge & Electrode
  • Mina & Granbull
  • Thorton & Bronzong
  • Whitney & Miltank

Support Sync Pairs

  • Cheren & Stoutland
  • Marley & Arcanine
  • Marlon & Carracosta





What are Sync Pairs?

A sync pair is composed of a trainer and a Pokemon. Accordingly, top-tier pairings have the most optimal skill combinations in the game, making it easier for players to win. So, to further improve your chances of winning, you’ll need the right combination of sync pairs.

Here are the three types you’ll want on your team.


Striker Sync Pairs

Strength: Have the most potential for damage output.

Weakness: Tend to have lower defense and HP reserves, compared to other sync pairs.

Tech Sync Pairs

Strength: Are the best at inflicting status effects, such as Poison, Sleep, Burn, and debuffing using moves like Growl or Leer.

Weakness: Not very powerful when inflicting direct damage.

Support Sync Pairs

Strength: Have the highest defense stats in the meta and has buffs that raise the entire team’s stats.

Weakness: Tend to be inefficient with both direct and indirect attacks.





To sum up, Pokemon Masters EX is an excellent spin-off title that introduces rich lore and beloved characters for avid Pokemon fans.

In fact, unlike other multiplayer games such as Valorant and Genshin Impact, Pokemon Masters EX draws from an already renowned franchise, making it easier to draw in new players.

Also, their innovative mechanics, long-time followers of the Pokemon series are promised a new, enjoyable experience. In addition, if you want to be the very best player, strategize based on our Pokemon Masters Tier List.

Therefore, with the right pairs and some practice, you’ll climb the ranks in no time!

To download the game, head to Pokemon Masters EX’s official website. You can also read up on lore, character details, and future events there.

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