How to Connect your Nintendo Switch to a Laptop


Nintendo lovers got the option to try their favorite old games on big, high-resolution screens after the ever-changing world of technology saw Nintendo’s Switch Console. While the device offers a seamless experience with HD televisions, it wasn’t possible to play your favorite Nintendo games everywhere on big Smart TVs since TVs are simply too big to haul around. Also, we’ve come across several people asking whether they can enjoy these games on their laptops or not.

Is It Possible to Connect a Nintendo Switch to a Laptop?

The short answer is Yes. And for a detailed explanation, let’s walk through a guide to help everyone looking to connect their Nintendo Switch Console with a laptop. But before we dive into that, let’s have a glance at what is Nintendo Switch?

Things You Need to Connect your Switch to your Laptop

Here are the things you would need to connect the Switch to a laptop:

  • The Nintendo Dock
  • Video Capturing Card with USB Type-C Connector and HDMI-In Port
  • HDMI Cable
  • Video Capturing Software 
  • Nintendo Switch and A Laptop

Nintendo Dock helps establish a connection between your laptop display and the Switch console. This device serves the same purpose when you connect the Switch to a smart TV. 

Widely used by gamers to stream on various platforms, a Video CapturingCard with HDMI In and HDMI Out port would be essential. Also, make sure that the video capturing card has a Type-C connector.

HDMI Cable enables audio and video sharing from your console. However, you should avoid using low-quality HDMI cables and preferably use the one you receive with the Switch.

You can find several free & premium Video Capturing Software applications online and use any one of them. 

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to a Laptop

Step 1: Connect Nintendo Dock to the Switch using the Type-C connector. 

Step 2: Disconnect the Switch console’s HDMI cable from your TV.

Step 3: Use an HDMI cable to connect the Nintendo Dock with the video capturing card. Make sure to use the HDMI-in port to connect the two devices.

Step 4: Launch the Video Capturing Software on your laptop.

Step 5: Power on the Nintendo Switch while on the dock by pressing the “home” button on your console. 

Step 6: Use a USB cable to connect the video capturing card to your laptop. Within a few seconds, you will start seeing the Switch Console menu on your laptop.

Step 7: Turn on the full-screen option from the title bar and let the game fill the entire screen. 

Alternate Way to Play Nintendo on Windows

All these steps should be carefully followed for an uninterrupted connection. While these steps can work with any Windows version and almost every laptop, missing any one of them can result in connection failure. Moreover, some old PCs can fail to run these games, but there is a great alternate way to get that laptop-Nintendo experience without all this equipment. 

There is a wide range of Nintendo Switch games available for PCs. You can download these old and classical games directly on your laptop or desktop from various app stores.

What is Nintendo Switch?

The Switch is an exclusive handheld device. 

Embracing the gaming community for over a century now since 1889, Nintendo was reborn as a handheld device on March 3, 2017, as the Nintendo Switch. This gaming console has a small built-in display and also offers support for high-resolution TVs. 

However, even if you like this feature, the TVs’ non-portability always annoys many people who become habitual of playing on big screens. This guide aims to help you connect your laptop easily to a Nintendo Switch console. 

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