Huge Discounts With URcdkey: Genuine Lifetime Activation for Windows 10 Pro OEM for $15 , Office for $28.5

The shift to telecommuting during the COVID-19 pandemic has been to the liking of both employers and their employees. The former liked the savings in the workplace without compromising the quality of the work performed, and the latter appreciated the free time that was usually spent on the way to the office.

Therefore, few people doubt that after the end of the pandemic, the world will change beyond recognition, and many people no longer have to travel to the office every day. But this medal also has a downside – working from home requires a computer with the most modern and safe software. Usually, such software costs a lot of money, but thanks to the guys at URcdkeys, the equipment of a comfortable and safe workplace will no longer hit your pocket.

Judge for yourself, buying a genuine lifetime activation of Windows 10 Pro OEM from the URcdkeys store will cost our readers only 1,027 rubles. All you need to do is take advantage of the exclusive PCK20 coupon, which will give you a 20% discount on the entire assortment in the store! In return, you will receive an extremely convenient and secure operating system that will faithfully serve you both at work and at play.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM CD-KEY GLOBAL 

sale price:$16- 20% discount with coupon PCK20

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM CD-KEY GLOBAL(2 PC) 

sale price: $3020% discount with coupon PCK20

Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM CD-KEY GLOBAL  

sale price:$15.2- 20% discount with coupon PCK20

No workplace can do without the MS Office suite. And today you can buy it for only $28. Just don’t forget to use coupon PCK20 for maximum discount.

Office2016 Professional Plus CD Key Global

Sale price:$28.5- 20% discount with coupon PCK20

Microsoft Office Home And Business 2019 CD Key 

Sale price:$47.5- 20% discount with coupon PCK20

Office2019 Professional Plus CD Key Global 

Sale price:$47.9- 20% discount with coupon PCK20

By the way, about the maximum discounts. The most advantageous offer will be the simultaneous purchase of Windows 10 and MS Office. In this case, your benefit will be the greatest. After all, for only $37, you will get both Windows 10 Pro and Office 2016 Professional Plus, and your home office will become really convenient.

Windows10 Home OEM + Office2016 Professional Plus CD Keys Pack 

Sale price:$37.6- 20% discount with coupon PCK20

Windows10 Pro OEM + Office2016 Professional Plus CD Keys Pack

Sale price:$38.6- 20% discount with coupon PCK20

Place your order now, don’t miss out on probably some of the best deals you can find on the internet!

How to check information about the expiration date of the license

Do you have a Windows 10 license but aren’t sure about the expiration date, or just want to make sure you have enough time to buy a new one? It is very easy to check this. Just press Windows Key + X, select Command Prompt (Admin) / Windows Powershell (Admin), or press Windows + R and type cmd.

After that, agree to run as administrator and enter the slmgr.vbs / xpr command

A window should appear on the screen indicating the activation time of the operating system.

If you need help ordering anything, or have any problems with your order, simply email [email protected] and you will be taken care of immediately.


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