Setting up the Perfect 3 Monitor Setup – A Guide

In this article, we break down the ideal hardware to create the perfect Triple Monitor Setup. This comes down to two things: compatible monitors that work seamlessly together, and a sturdy and comfortable stand to support them.

We’re going to get into which monitors and which stands are best suited for your setup. To view best suited monitors, keep reading. Or, to start viewing the best suited stands, click below to skip to Part 2.

Which monitors are ideal for this setup?

What stands are ideal for this setup? (skip to page 2)

One monitor is simply not enough if you’re among the millions of passionate gamers out there. Also, performing many other tasks on your computer becomes like a walk in the park once you have three monitors connected simultaneously. You can watch a documentary on one screen, write some programming code on the second, while keeping an eye on your antivirus scanning your computer on the third monitor.. or my personal preference, you could create an incredibly immersive gaming experience.

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But just as it usually goes in life, you can’t have it all. There are some cons in having a three monitor setup, and you can’t disregard them. The most obvious one is the financial part, and you really can’t survive in 2020 without Full HD monitors if you’re a hardcore gamer. You’ll automatically need to spend an extra few hundred bucks for HD. Also, the setup can be pretty tricky, as frequent maintenance is needed, and you’re also going to need to find enough space for all the three gears.

Part 1: Which monitors are ideal for Triple Monitor Setups?

Acer R240HY


  • Full HD display of 23.8 inch and high-end resolution
  • Edge-to-edge screen for an outstanding viewing experience
  • Adjustable brightness for not stressing the eyes too much
  • Among the most economical monitors available on the market
  • Support for multiple inputs


  • The base is not too stable
  • Bad pixels could appear in the center

At a relatively low price on Amazon, $129, buying this monitor is a great deal if you’re aiming to not spend too much on high quality.

Ports: VGA and HDMI

BenQ GL2580H


  • Full HD display of 24.5 inch
  • Advanced eye care mode
  • Slim bezel design for an extra amount of elegance
  • Cable management system


  • There are no built-in speakers
  • Customer service lacks quality

You just cannot ignore the beautiful design of this gear, and both the eye-care mode and the cable management system can be considered the highlights.

Ports: VGA, D-Sub, DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI x 1.

BenQ EX3501R


  • QHD Ultra Wide 1440p display of 35 inches
  • Ergonomic design
  • HDR technology that grants clear and bright visuals
  • Ultra-widescreen that provides a more exciting experience for gaming
  • Brightness intelligence technology that reduces stress on eyes


  • No built-in speakers
  • Mounting support lacks quality

What could be better for gaming than a three monitor setup? The answer is if you’re having at least a curved monitor among them! Therefore, you should consider purchasing the BenQ EX3501R model.

Ports: USB, DisplayPort, USB Type C, HDMI, and USB 3.0

Samsung (LC24F396FHNXZA)


  • Full HD display of 23.5 inches
  • Stylish design with a metallic finish
  • Curved screen for a better experience
  • Eye saver mode that gets you rid of eye fatigue
  • No image tearing or stutter during gaming


  • No USB port available
  • Lacks built-in speakers

If you want another curved TV recommendation, you should consider this one. It has pretty much anything a gamer needs, and it’s a great deal at its price of only about $120.

Ports: HDMI and VGA

BenQ GW2480


  • Full-HD display of 23.8 inches
  • Blue light technology for a more comfortable viewing
  • Integrated cable management system that makes it more user-friendly
  • Ultra-slim design


  • Less bright than traditional screens
  • Speakers lack quality

This monitor stands out for high resistance against scratches, as it features carbon fiber texture. As the manufacturer BenQ itself says:

“GW2480 has all the features you want in your home monitor. Ultra slim bezels and hidden cable management keep your workspace looking sharp. BenQ exclusive Eye-Care™ Technology looks after you while you look at your display. LED and IPS technologies deliver awesome visual enjoyment with authentic colors, deeper blacks, higher contrast, and sharper details. GW2480 equips you for success.”

Ports: HDMI and DisplayPort

Next up, we’ll get right into Triple Monitor Stands…

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