Setting up the Perfect 3 Monitor Setup – A Guide

Part 2: Which stands are ideal for Triple Monitor Setups?

A monitor stand for your three-screen setup is a good idea if you’re willing to save some space and make your desk look much more organized. Getting a monitor stand will cost you some money, but we believe it’s totally worth it. Behold, our recommendations:

VIVO Black Triple Monitor Stand

If you’re willing to hold monitors up to 22 inches, this product is the missing piece of the puzzle. The design is also a plus if you care about this aspect. We also have to mention the 3-year manufacturer warranty, which is a bonus.

SLYPNOS Triple Monitor Stand with C-Clamp Base

It may look awkward, but it does the job well due to its ergonomic adjustment knobs and a unique arm structure. The stand is very sturdy and is able to hold your monitors securely.

MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Arm

This amazing tech setup features cable management and MOUNTUP Stickers as highlights. The tall center pole measures about 17 inches, while the right and left arms can rise as high as 20 inches and they’re also adjustable.

WALI Fully Adjustable Triple Monitor Mount

This gear not only features C-Clamp and Grommet, it can also come in handy if the width of your desk is limiting you. You can also position the middle monitor higher than the other two with this stand.

Mount-it! Triple Counter-Balanced Adjustable Monitor Arm

A built-in cable system is the highlight of this stand, and USB 3.0 and AUX are included. If you buy the product, you’ll even get a 5-year warranty.

How to set up three monitors for your computer

Setting up three monitors on a single computer is easier than it sounds if you’re paying enough attention. And, since we believe that the readers of our website are receptive people, behold the simple steps needed:

  1. Make sure that your graphics card features enough ports to support more than one monitor. If the card doesn’t qualify, you need to buy a new one.
  2. Connect the monitors to your computer and turn on the machine. The screens should work properly.
  3. Check the “display settings” or “screen resolution” to make sure that the system is identifying all of your monitors.
  4. Select the monitor you need as the main one. That’s all, congrats!


You will know better than anyone if having the option of three monitors will match your needs or not. It ultimately depends on how active you need to be on your PC, or how much of a gamer you are. In both cases, three monitors can offer tremendous help, and our recommendations can help you build such a system.

Another aspect to be aware of is that most motherboards are equipped with graphics cards capable of running only two monitor setups. If the card lacks enough ports, you can also purchase an additional one that can support those three monitors. You’ll just have to make sure the tower features enough slots for fitting the extra card.

Why not have an enhanced gaming experience? Why not play your favorite game and do something else at the same time? If your hardware is up for the job and you have those three monitors prepared, go ahead and give the idea of the three monitor setup a try! If you also choose to use a monitor stand, the experience will be even more interesting and comfortable.

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