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Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Review




Logitech started out in the peripherals game all the way back in 1981, starting their company in the realm of mice. Over the years they have branched out into many different peripherals, some of their product lines include Harmony remote controls, Case+ phone accessories, their G gaming products, along with other mice, keyboards, webcams, PC speakers, and tablet keyboards. The G510s is the focus of our review today, and it has some tricks up it’s sleeves.

The G510s’ most pronounced feature is it’s RGB backlighting. Whether your computer or peripherals are blue, green, grey, purple, orange, or you name it, this keyboard is willing to match. This being an update to the G510, as a whole it shares many of it’s features. However this is a proper refining to both looks and function. The update brings some cosmetic features that end up making the original G510 look a tad dull. A subtle speckled blue backplate behind the keys, wasd and arrow keys colored silver for easy differentiation, and nice accenting around the macro keys and arrows. There is also an oleophobic coating on the wrist rest, and a double UV coating on all the keys for added durability.

Logitech’s Take On The G510s

The G510s is definitely made for gamers. With 3 quick switch profiles via M keys and 18 macro keys, this leaves us with a total of 54 easily accessible macro functions. Those macros can even be changed on the fly in game. This can be the difference between a mediocre gaming experience and owning. A 6 key rollover and 500hz refresh rate (that’s 2ms response time) means that keyboard lag is a thing of the past. Your keyboard is now an extension of you. I won’t lie, this is a big keyboard, but with big keyboard comes great gaming responsibility. The G510s gives you plug and play functionality while also giving awesome features coming from Logitech’s own “Logitech Gaming Software” We will get into more detail as we see what this keyboard has to offer in person.

Check out the next page for a closer look with an unboxing.

G KEYS WIN - Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard


Here we see the front of of the G510s’ box, complete with a half X-rayed Logitech_G510S showing the membrane and PCBs.

The back of the box focuses on the main specs, hitting all the key points.

Upon opening we see this box is leaves no real room for surprises. It’s packed full and everything has it’s place.

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A nice plastic sleeve assures us that the keyboard won’t be any scratches or marks until we actually take it out.

There it is in all it’s shiny black, blue, and metallic glory.

While the back doesn’t look as plush as the front, it’s nice to note we have built in corner stands, mounts for the wrist rest, and thick rubber pads to keep this keyboard from sliding around your desk.

Included in the package is a nice wrist rest and plenty of informational material.


Part Number
  • 920-004967
Warranty Information
  • 3-year Limited hardware warranty
System Requirements
  • Windows® 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista® Available Hi-Speed USB port Internet connection for optional software download*
Package Contents
  • Keyboard
  • Palm rest
  • User documentation


Closer Look

Includes a standard USB connection.

Here is a nice close up of the flip up kick stand. They function just like you’d expect. They also don’t feel flimsy at all.

Here we see the actual under key view of the silicone membrane of this keyboard. This is no mechanical keyboard, but it’s keys are silent, fast responding, and with a 6 key rollover there is no question that every press will be recorded.

Multiple main functions of the keyboard are shown here. The Gamepanel LCD with input keys in the center, Windows key disable switch and headphone/mic mute to the left, and brightness on/off to the right.

A nice side view of the keyboard. (The key backing might look black in this photo, but it changes between speckled blue from a front view, to black at a side view)

Here we see the blue backing in it’s full glory, along with all the G and M keys.

The right side of the keyboard shows the amazing volume scroll wheel. This is definitely one of my favorite parts of the keyboard. Extremely accurate and ease to change the volume at a whim. Along with multimedia keys featured just above.

Move on to the next page for the testing.



With no install media included with the keyboard, you have to go through Logitech’s website to get the G series customizing software. Check it out here []

On the home screen of the Logitech G series we see a high definition photo of the keyboard with a few glowing sections beckoning us to click and customize. On the left are the G key macro section, the M key profile section, and the display screen section.

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This is the macro section of the customization. You can include nearly any combination of keys that you could think of. Multi key combos make things really easy for quick chat commands or easily making that last second spell activation without moving your mouse from focus. With 18 keys to work with, you shouldn’t be hard pressed to have room for all your macros. Not only that, there are three separate easily accessible profiles to switch from. Whether you’re switching games, or switching between programs, these profiles will save you a lot of time.

The Gampanel LCD customization screen allows you to change between the available programs running directly on the keyboard itself. Here are the base programs available:

  • Clock
  • Countdown timer
  • Mail monitor
  • RSS
  • Media display
  • Performance monitor
  • Profile selector

There are other applets available from their website:

  • AMD LCD Keyboard Applet
  • Fraps by Beepa
  • Ventrilo by Flagship Industries
  • Xfire

Along with these direct applets, there are games compatible with this keyboard, for the full list check out here.

Otherwise there are third party applets available from their respective website.

Color customization! This is a top quality of this keyboard. With RGB LEDs, the sky is the limit with color customization. Here we see a default blue.

And a default green.

Here is a custom orange color. The backlighting intensity can be changed along with their respective RGB values.

Profiles are available both on the computer and loaded within the keyboard itself. This allows you to keep your custom macros and colors on the go, no matter what computer you use.

The settings page allows a few more specific options that can come in handing. The MR (macro recorder) button allows you to make quick changes or additions to your macros. With the “Record delays during quick macro creation” you can get the timing just right by making a one to one record of your keypresses including delays. There are other options to check out as well.


The Logitech G510s is completely color customizable, allowing for nearly infinite possible colors. Both color and brightness are options with Logitech’s software. Here are three different colors I’ve chosen to show you.




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The G510s’ keys are very similar to any run of the mill membrane keyboard. Same feel, same depression characteristics. However this is a plus in many ways, it doesn’t feel foreign when you first start typing on it. The keycaps almost feel like they have a slight soft touch rubberization to them (that’s the double UV coating). By all accounts this is probably the highest quality membrane keyboard you can buy.

Overall the key response is extremely quick. Logitech rates the response time as 2ms and with 6 key rollover I never had an instance where I pressed a key and it didn’t respond immediately. The G keys were fantastic for in game quick and automated responses. No more using menus to get to an automated response like yelling “Spy!”.

The keyboard had very little flex for being completely plastic, and the feet were large enough and grippy that the keyboard never slid around. The kickstands and wrist rest kept the keyboard at the proper angle to type quickly and comfortably. The oleophobic coating was slightly slippy with just the right amount of grip to feel soft.

The macro keys, Gamepanel LCD, and media/volume keys are a definitely highlight for this keyboard. Along with built in headset connectors it’s a gamer’s dream keyboard.

Let’s wrap up the review on the last page.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

All in all, I’m really liking the looks and feel of this keyboard. The slick yet grippy enough, keys make for an enjoyable key pressing experience. Low latency makes things super responsive. Having the ability to view quick info either for a game or for your PC’s CPU/RAM is a blessing. The G keys are a phenomenal addition to a keyboard. Plus it’s really sharp looking!

To some it could be considered a bit pricey being $119.99 retail, available through Newegg at that price. However, it is available at Amazon for $84.45 which is seriously respectable for what you get with this keyboard. If you want more macro keys than you can swing a stick at, or quickly glance down and see how your game is tolling your CPU, or match your keyboard to whatever accessories you have, this is a keyboard I can’t recommend enough.


  • Lots of G key customization
  • Easy to use multimedia keys
  • Smooth and responsive volume rocker
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • New styling and coating for great durability


  • Large in size

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