Intel Core i7-8700K CPU Review

Intel Core i7-8700K

Today Intel releases their new 8th generation Core Processors, known as Coffee Lake-S. While socket LGA 1151 is retained for this generation, Intel has tweaked so much to deliver the ultimate mainstream desktop experience, 8th gen CPU’s can only function on new 300 series motherboards. Intel’s mainstream offerings have topped out at 4 cores for many generations now, but 8th generation CPU’s give that a 50% increase to 6 cores on Core i5 and i7 offerings. Eighth generation Core i3 CPU’s see doubling of the core count to quad-core, and all three segments offer fully unlocked SKU’s for maximizing performance. Technologies such as Hyper-Threading and Turbo-Boost remain, but several new features make their appearance in this segment as well.


Intel "Coffee Lake" Platform - 24 PCIe Lanes from the Chipset

Intel has gone a bit bonkers in the last few months. First, "Skylake" which had a short longevity on the z170 socket 1151 platform. Arguably the favorite chip on z170 was the 6700k capable of thumping out 4.5GHz without much problem. Then low and behold z270 shiny and new with "Kaby Lake" and the fast and fun 7700K still on the 1151 socket and capable of hitting 5 - 5.2GHz without skipping a beat.

Intel Core i7 7700K CPU Review

Intel Core i7 7700K Kaby Lake

On August 30, 2016 Intel announced its next generation processor, Kaby Lake. They also announced that Kaby Lake would continue to use their 14 nanometer process that had been used with the two previous generations, Skylake and Broadwell. It had been highly anticipated the 10 nanometer Cannonlake would be the successor to Skylake, so it raised a few eyebrows and even more questions, as this broke with Intel long standing “tick-toc” manufacturing and design model. Instead Kaby Lake would represent a further optimization on Skylake’s architecture. Indeed, Intel has replaced the “tick-tock” with a "process-architecture-optimization" model.


Intel Core i5 6600K CPU Review

Intel Core i5 6600K

On release day, we brought you a review of Intel’s mainstream Skylake flagship, the i7 6700K. Today, we will focus another Skylake, the far more affordable Core i5-6600K. The new processor architecture based on Intel’s newest generation 14nm process FinFET lithographic technology. It promises decreased power consumption and increased performance. Like its more expensive i7 sibling, the i5 6600K is also features an unlocked multiplier and is sure to be popular with enthusiasts.


Intel Core i7 6700K CPU Review

Intel Core i7 6700K

Today is the day all those Intel fans have been waiting for. The day that has been discussed at times rather passionately. Today is the day, the launch day Intel’s Skylake architecture. Yes the 6th Generation Core i7-6700K and the Core i5-6600K are here. With those new processors is a new architecture, DDR4 memory, and even a new socket. That also means new motherboards as well, as Skylake utilizes the new 100 series Intel chipset.

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