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Memory Card Recovery Guide – How to Recover Deleted/Lost Photos and Videos



Nothing is infallible. There are cases where memory cards or SD cards become corrupt, which causes a sudden data loss. This post mainly focuses on how to recover your photos and videos and other data from the corrupted SD card or memory card. You could read the post and use the methods of memory card recovery to recover the deleted documents on many different types of SD or memory cards, such as the SanDisk SD cards, Western Digital memory cards, memory cards in cameras/DSLRs, and Android phone SD cards, etc.

Is it Possible to Recover SD Card Data?

Definitely, recovering SD card data is possible and feasible. Connect your the memory card to your commuter. If it can be recognized by your computer, you typically have a good of chance of recovering your lost data from the corrupt memory card with professional data recovery software. But pay attention, because you are supposed to stop using the memory card to save any new data in order to avoid data overwriting.

If the SD card is not showing up on the computer, or you find it is physically damaged, the success rate of restoring lost data on it dips down. Under these circumstances, please try to repair the phone SD or seek help from an expert first.


What SD Card Recovery Software is Good and Reliable?

To recover lost pictures and videos from the corrupt memory card, you can use a free memory data recovery software to find the files and recover them. There are multiple choices on the market that that can help you with corrupted SD card data recovery. If you need an easy-to-use, comprehensive data recovery tool, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is worth a try.

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MiniTool Software company has been dedicated to developing excellent, innovative data recovery, partition management, data backup and restore utilities for  users from 180+ countries and areas for over 10 years. Trusted by industry experts around the globe, MiniTool products have been featured on many authoritative technology news sites such as TechRadar, PCWorld, TechAdvisor, CNET, FileHorse, Softpedia, LifeHacker, etc.

As one of the most popular softwares in the product line, MiniTool Power Data Recovery free edition empowers you to recover up to 1GB of data from storage devices with no charge. It features an intuitive user interface, fast file scan speed and satisfying recovery result.

You can use MiniTool Power Data Recovery free edition to quickly recover the unsaved word document, recover deleted/lost videos, images, music and any other types of files from memory card, SD card, external HDD or SSD, USB drive, Windows computer local drive, etc. This free memory card recovery software also gives good support for corrupt or formatted drive recovery.


How Shall I Recover Data from SD/Memory Card for Free?

Most data recovery applications use their own sophisticated technologies and algorithms to scan the device and restore deleted/lost files from it. You do not need to master the theory behind the software though. Usually, you can follow the software tutorial, and get back lost photos and videos from your corrupt memory card or SD card with only just a few clicks.

Download the clean and free MiniTool Power Data Recovery to your Windows computer and install the program (The Mac version is available for Apple users). After that, follow the steps listed below to know how to easily recover lost photos/videos from the corrupt memory card or SD card.

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Step 1. Connect your memory card to the computer

First, connect the memory card to your computer using an SD card reader, then launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery. You will then see the software main interface.

Step 2. Begin to scan the memory card data

After clicking “Removable Disk Drive” on the left panel, you will see the connected memory card gets displayed on the right side. Click it and hit the “Scan” button. This free SD card recovery software will automatically start scanning all data on the card, including the deleted/lost data. To cut the time of scanning, you can click the“Settings” button to only scan certain types of files.


Step 3. Confirm what files you need and save them

As soon as the software finishes scanning all your lost photos, videos and other needed files, you could check them and click the “Save” button immediately. Choose a destination folder or another storage device to store the files you recovered just now.

Prior to saving the recovered files, you can preview them to verify if the files are exactly what you are looking for. The advanced filter features are helpful for you to find target files in a short time. For example, you can click “Show Lost Files” to only display lost pictures and videos. If you can recall a part of the file name, you can click “Find” and enter the file name to find a specific file more quickly. You can also click “Filter” to sift the scan result by file extension, file size, file creation/modification date and more.

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Three Practical Ways to Fix a Corrupt Memory Card

If you noticed a logical corruption in the memory card, try some solutions to see if you can fix it.

Solution 1: Run a malware/virus scan on your computer. In case your memory card gets infected by some malware or virus, you can run the professional antivirus program to get rid of the malware and virus.

Solution 2: Run CHKDSK to scan and detect logical errors and bad sectors on the memory card. First, connect the memory card to your computer. Second, press “Windows + R”, type “cmd”, and press “Ctrl + Shift + Enter” to open Command Prompt utility on Windows PC. Three, type chkdsk <drive letter of the memory card:> /f /r , e.g. chkdsk h: /f/ r, in Command Prompt window, press Enter to start to fix disk errors automatically and mark bad sectors on your memory card.

Solution 3: Wrong operations or improper ejection of SD card may result in SD card damage and data loss. Besides, you should be more careful when using the memory card because it can easily take a scratch. If it still does not work, you could try the above-mentioned method to recover all data on the SD card and then format it to see if it will work.


Final Thought

This article discusses how to recover the deleted/lost photos and videos from a memory card with the help of professional free SD card data recovery software on Windows computers. If your computer will recognize the SD/memory card, you can try this method to restore lost data on it as soon as possible.



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