7 Useful Hints to Make Your HESI Exam Preparation Effective

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7 Useful Hints to Make Your HESI Exam Preparation Effective

The HESI is an acronym for Health Education Systems Incorporated exam. This organization is a US based company that offers tests and other study and preparation materials to help the nursing students prepare for a professional licensure exam. The HESI is usually used by nursing schools to predict the likelihood of the student’s success in other tests like HESI A2 Study Guide and Training Course. This exam is used by many nursing schools as a baseline entrance prerequisite for admission. It is computer-based and is administered through the online platform. The test is made up of 301 questions covering eight content areas.The duration for the completion of the exam is four hours.

The HESI exam has nothing to do with whether you pass or fail. Every school has its own required score. The test is scored on a scale of 750 and 900. The 900 score is the best one you can attain. However, your success is dependent on the set score of the school. For instance, a nursing school might set 750 as the admission score and another might set 850. Scoring 800 will easily get you admitted into the school with 750 set score but not into the school with 800.

Passing the HESI test requires rigorous study and preparation. To make the best of your preparation and ensure success, we have highlighted some important tips for you to follow. By following the hints highlighted in this guide, you will be adequately prepared and ready to write the exam. There are some tips that will help you get through the HESI test successfully. They are:

  1. Read questions carefully before answering

The exam can be quite tricky;it means you have to exercise caution when answering the questions. It is crucial that you read all of them carefully before answering. You also need to look at the answers carefully to avoid making mistakes. In some cases, the examiners will include tricky questions to distract you and prevent you from arriving at the right answer. There may be two answers that seem to be correct but not necessarily the right answer. Thus, you should read everything carefully before selecting your answer.

  1. Use HESI flashcards for your preparation

You cannot prepare for this exam successfully without using flashcards. Flashcards come very handy when you have to get right into the nitty-gritty of HESI concepts. This preparation tool will help you get the fine details of the exam content and also help you remember many aspects of your study. One important area where the flashcard is very essential is the Vocabulary section. You will be able to learn all the vocabulary parts and have opportunity to refer to it over and over again.

  1. Use HESI study guide for your preparation

By using the study guide, you will understand the full details of the HESI test. You will learn all about the key terms and concepts that you can expect during the exam. It is highly recommended that you find the study guide that is expressly developed for the HESI exam. The study guide you choose should also help you cover all the areas where you need to study.

  1. Develop a study plan with schedule

Start your exam preparation early enough. Do not wait before you start studying your HESI study guide. As soon as you have scheduled your exam date, develop a study plan and put a timeline to it. It is important that you stick with your study plan and do everything possible to make sure you cover all the contents of the exam. Do not cram the answers to the test because it can backfire on you. Instead of cramming answers, settle down and do some study to be prepared for your exam.

  1. Take practice tests

Taking practice tests is the only way to evaluate how prepared you are for the exam. By working through the practice test, you know the areas where you are prepared and the areas where you need to put more efforts. They will also give you the feel of the actual exam, so you know the style and pattern of questions to expect during your test. There are many platforms that offer practice tests for the HESI exam that you can explore online.

  1. Know the specific test you need to write

Many schools want their potential students to take all the sections of the HESI exam but there are some others who do not need all the sections to be completed. It is important that you check with the nursing school you want to attend to know the specific sections of the test that are relevant for your admission. This will help you prepare the right way and possibly cut out some irrelevant study out of your preparation.

  1. Take the exam in your individual order

During the exam, you can work through the exam as you wish. There is no specific order that you have been mandated to take the test. You can decide on the section to take first. However, it is recommended that you take the easiest part first and leave the difficult sections for later. This will give you ample time to study for the difficult part of the exam while getting the easier ones out of your way.


Remember, the HESI exam is timed but the individual sections are not. What this means is that you can spend a little more time to review your answers before submitting. It is important that you go over your answers again and check if you are satisfied with what you have done, before you submit. Find more information at the official website.

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