AMD Ryzen 7 Extreme Edition and Ryzen 9 4900U Get Leaked. What Specs Can We Expect to See?

There is a mysterious chip out there, spotted by a prolific leaker. Could we really see a Ryzen 7 Extreme Edition eight-core chip?

The Ryzen 4000 APUs seem to keep on being leaked, and this time we are hearing about a Ryzen 7 Extreme Edition and a Ryzen 9 4900U.

Twitter leaker TUM_APISAK spotted the Ryzen 7 Extreme Edition and delivered all the specs they knew about it. We see an eight-core, 16-thread chipset – the Extreme Edition, which comes with a base clock of 1.8GHz and a boost clock of up to 4.3GHz.

Here are all the details that apparently got leaked:

This is a ‘Renoir’ APU, noted TechRadar, adding that Ryzen 4000 parts were already recently leaked on User Benchmark. A Ryzen 7 4700G was also identified in an Ashes of the Singularity benchmark. Looking at the base clock speed of 1.8GHz, this APU would be based on one of the Ryzen 4000 U-series laptop chips that use 15W TDP.

The prolific leaker TUM_APISAK also tweeted the specs for the Ryzen 9 4900U. We see the same core specifications and clocks on the Ryzen 9 4900U in the following Tweet. Compared to the current 4800U, there is a slight boost in boost clock – an extra 100 MHz.

Speculations vs. Official Info

As always, all speculations, leaks, and rumors should be treated with a grain of salt. We should learn more about Ryzen 7 Extreme Edition and Ryzen 9 4900U later this summer when it is believed a new chip should be released.