AMD’s Big Navi GPU Might Have been Spotted in Linux Patches Under the Codename “Sienna Cichlid”

Could Sienna Cichlid be the Big Navi graphics card?

AMD’s next-gen Radeon RX video card that will be released later this year might have just been spotted by Phoronix in a Linux patch list. The Big Navi GPU could be codenamed “Sienna Cichlid,” this GPU never having been mentioned before in previous patches.

AMD has been used codenames for its previous GPUs, and this leak may indeed be about the next-gen GPU.

Phoronix notes that “given the timing of these patches, the AMD Sienna Cichlid won’t be mainlined until the Linux 5.9 merge window opening in August and then releasing in stable around October.”

This could mean that according to this timeframe, Sienna Cichlid might be the “RDNA 2” graphics card. Komachi said this GPU also appeared as variant 40, matched with Navi 21_P_A0 that was leaked in another file.



In other rumors, the high-end RDNA 2 GPU lineup could feature ray-tracing tech, while entry-tier and mainstream versions will focus on performance efficiency.

Meanwhile, the competition is not sleeping. NVidia’s GeForce GPUs will also pack quite a punch, looking at the revealed specs.

We will have to wait until Q3-Q4 to see the flagship graphics cards from NVidia and AMD, and when they’ll show up, hardware enthusiasts and gamers will definitely want to upgrade their PCs with the best offers in terms of performance and price.