Did Dr. Disrespect’s Twitch Ban Cost Him A Call of Duty Partnership?

Love him or hate him, Dr. Disrespect is arguably one of the largest game streaming personalities in the world, and you have to have been living under a rock to have missed all of the controversy and drama surrounding his mysterious ban from Twitch earlier this year. While Twitch has remained silent on the topic, dozens of conspiracy theories have popped up with each posing more egregious claims about why the ban happened in the first place. The Doc himself has commented on the ban several times now and has even suggested that Twitch could have banned him so that the Amazon-owned streaming platform could afford to bring Shroud, a massively popular streamer, back after his multi-million dollar deal with Mixer disappeared when the Microsoft-owned streaming platform shut down operations earlier this year.

Now, new information is surfacing that Doc’s Twitch ban may have just been the tip of the iceberg. In a recent stream, Dr. Disrespect revealed that he was not invited into the Call of Duty Partnership for its upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops – Cold War title. Doc also announced that he was not issued a creator code for the game either, further hindering him from earning revenue from the Activision-developed title.

“It’s kinda crazy to think that because of this little purple platform, and for whatever reason, all of a sudden. Activision, one of the biggest publishers in the biggest franchises, decides not to support the Doctor. And not to give us a code and be a part of this whole launch of this new Cold War game,” Dr. Disrespect said in a stream. “It’s pretty crazy, isn’t it?… There’s a bunch of haters out there, man.”

Earlier this year, the Doc opened up about the Twitch ban saying that he has never experienced anxiety before, but the entire ordeal with Twitch has left him riddled with anxiety levels that are through the roof. “My anxiety levels are something that comes in these huge waves, and I’m having a hard time dealing with it. I’ll be honest,” said Dr. Disrespect, on a stream compilation posted to YouTube back in early September. “Just so you know, there might be days when the Doc seems off, feels off,” he said. “We’re trying to learn the dark alleyway, man. We’re trying to get out of it.”

While a streamer being banned from a platform is commonplace these days, it’s quite odd for game developers to remove ties with streaming partners who bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, in revenue for big-name titles. Dr. Disrespect has been a Call of Duty partner for the last three years straight, with most of his streams of previous titles in the series receiving hundreds of thousands of views.

“It is a phony f***ing world out there. If you are trying to become a streamer in this world, man. Be as generic and regular as you can, ” the Doc said. “I’d love to be a CoD partner… I mean we’ve been a CoD Partner for the past three years right? And all of a sudden Activision and everything… for whatever reason…” the Doc trailed off there and appeared to get emotional for a few moments before recomposing himself and jumping back into a game of Warzone, Call of Duty’s entry into the Battle Royale genre. 

The “Two-Time,” as Dr. Disrespect likes to call himself, is not sitting by idly though while the big mainstream platforms decouple themselves from the massively popular streamer. The Doc is working with game developer First Watch Games to build his own franchise and game series that he has control over. “I’m designing a game that’s way better in audio, number one, alright. Number two, I’m designing a game that’s more loyal to its supporter group,” Dr. Disrespect said during a stream. The game, Rogue Company, is a quick-paced multiplayer shooter that aims to deliver an immersive tactical third-person experience that merges some battle royale aspects into it. ‘

Unfortunately, the powers that govern the streaming world are not too happy about Doc’s involvement in Rogue Company, specifically because of a skin that players can acquire to make themselves look just like the Doc himself.  More specifically, there has been controversy suggesting that Twitch may ban any streamer who wears the Dr. Disrespect skin in-game while streaming on the platform, extending the ban not only to the Doc, but to his fans as well.

Rogue Company did not just stop at just a simple skin, but went as far as to develop a new map called the Arena, which is based off Doc’s Champions Club, a virtual world featured in his streams. The map features retro arcade areas, statues of the Doc, and red supercars on display along with plenty of other Doc-esque elements.

“I just wonder if it’s going to be too small, you know? The intention was to make it small, the action’s a lot faster, in terms of committing to a lane – boom, you’re in it.” Doc explained. “The decision-making is a lot faster, there’s no waiting around, that’s the goal anyway. It’s just like boom, it kinda throws you in, and you’re in it,” the Two Time continued. “But at the same time, there’s still three lanes, lots of dead space in the design which in the design allows separation of combat spaces, rather than getting shot from across an entire lane from the other side. We’ll see what they think.”

Dr. Disrespect can be found on YouTube, and Rogue Company can be found on the Epic Games Store for Free. Note that The Arena map is included in the game, but players who want to wear Doc’s skin will have to shell out $20, or 2,000 Rogue Bucks via an in-game purchase before they have access to it.