Leaked AMD Roadmap Shows Zen 4 Desktop CPUs Will Feature DDR5 Memory, But There’s a Catch

AMD’s next-gen AM5 platform could support Zen 4 CPUs, shows leaked Roadmap

According to GamersNexus, a trusted insider provided an AMD roadmap showing what AMD will bring to the premium desktop lineup. The two technologies in the roadmap will be: support for DDR5 memory and USB 4.0.

We said there’s a catch, and by that, we meant the roadmap shows we will get to see the next-gen desktop lineup in 2022.

Another essential detail is that the insider stated that this is an internal roadmap. Obviously, these plans are not intended to be publicly released and might be subject to change due to various factors, including the current global economy, manufacturing issues, and so on.

The report from GamersNexus notes that:

The 2022 platform will retain PCIe4 and will likely be a Zen4 product, also intended to feature native USB4 support. The APUs for that year also presently have DDR5 on the roadmap and are listed as Zen3+ parts. The mobile roadmap has DDR5 LP5 on-board for 2022 in the premium and gaming lines.

Now if we are looking at the launch window for the Zen 3 CPUs, it is obvious the Zen 4 family is planned for a 2022 launch. As we get closer to an official announcement, more details will probably be revealed by either insiders or through leaks.

If the launch date of 2022 is indeed correct, AMD’s Zen 4 architecture on Ryzen 5000 Desktop CPUs might be the direct competitor of Intel’s Golden Cove based Alder Lake lineup that should be launched in 2022 as well.