New Intel Xe GPU will be fit for “battle-fielding and b-floating,” Teases Chief Architect Raja Koduri

Intel’s Chief Architect Raja Koduri teases their new Xe GPU: “the ‘baap of all’ is back.”

Intel Odyssey team and Intel chief architect Raja Koduri have just teased their Intel Xe GPU which will certainly see a release next year. With the moto #NoTransistorLeftBehind, Raja Koduri noted that “The “baap of all” is back, battle-fielding and b-floating,” in a tweet, sharing Intel Graphic’s Tweet:

What makes this GPU interesting is that AMD and Nvidia graphics chips do no use the LGA package configuration.

In Hindi/Urdu, the “baap of all” actually means the “father of all”

When referring to the “baap of all”, Koduri is talking about the Intel Xe HP architecture, which is surely Intel’s prototype GPU.

The image above shows how the new Xe GPU looks like and how big it is compared to the size of a AA battery. A size estimation for the chip in the photo would be roughly 48.9mm by 75.6mm, so the silicon surface area will probably hit the 2000mm² mark.

The Intel Xe architecture is divided into three segments, each catering for entry-level (Xe LP), professional and enthusiast demand (Xe HP), and those built for supercomputers (Xe HPC).

We got to see the Intel Xe LP DG1 graphics card at CES 2020 and the benchmarking results were underwhelming (Warframe – 30 FPS at 1080p).

The Xe HP should be perfect for gaming

Looking at the leaks highlighted by PC Gamer in their report, we find that Xe HP will come in various configurations, starting with 128 EUs, and going up to 512 EUs. With a configuration as high as 512 EUs, the chip could offer impressive results. Could the chip presented in the image be an early version of what Intel is currently working on?

While we do not have the answer to that question, we will surely learn more about the first Intel Xe product that will be launched this year – Intel Tiger Lake. With the mid-year launch of the Intel Tiger Lake, we will certainly see some laptops featuring the GPU pretty soon.