Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review – What to Expect from this Adventure

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review – What to Expect from this Adventure

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Lara Croft and her tomb-raiding adventures gained an unparalleled reputation in pop culture and the entertainment industry. A celebrated franchise, Tomb Raider needs little introduction. The last installment, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is so far the most ambitious title in the modern trilogy, a feast for your eyes, and a real challenge for gamers who want immersion and horror-touched action-adventures.

The Story

This time, Lara has to prevent the apocalypse brought by an ancient artifact hidden deep in the South American jungles. As per usual, the blend of facts and fiction (from a historical and archeological point of view) is fantastic and compelling. The striking visuals and the grandeur of the landscapes keep the gamers glued to the screen for the entire 25-odd-hours of gameplay.

The Game

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider is more a solitary adventure. Lara spends most of her time alone exploring the world and solving the puzzles, raiding fantastic tombs, and changing history.

The game features fewer firefights than usual, unfortunately, but this should not ruin your fun.

Remember: it is a breathtaking and highly entertaining game – the puzzles are incredible, and if you do enjoy working your mind wheels to the extreme, SOTTR does not disappoint. You will get the best puzzles in the series so far – convoluted mind games and endurance challenges that give you a serious run for your money.

Set in creepy places or breathtaking natural environments, the puzzles and tomb raids exploit your lateral thinking, your cognitive assets, and your emotions like never before.

Here are the best features of the gameplay Lara Croft fans will enjoy:

  • New overhang and rappel abilities;
  • Swimming in large 3D aquatic environments of jaw-dropping beauty;
  • The massive Hidden City of Paititi is an experience all gamers should live at least once in a lifetime;
  • The side quests are entertaining;
  • You get the chance to use stealth in your missions and fights.

Something Old, Something New

Seasoned gamers will notice right from the start that Lara is already equipped for her adventure and will probably feel a bit disappointed. You can mix some outfits with some weapons, but 99% of the time you will fare great with only what the game gave you in the beginning.

  • A nice addition is the “eat the plants” gimmick. Lara can pick some exotic plants and spices in the jungle and consume them for temporary boosts of stats and skills.
  • Another touch of novelty – and a welcomed one – is the horror flair added to the game. Fighting in subterranean environments, in an unnerving atmosphere, and with your heart pumping due to the string-based teeth-clenching score is a dream came true.

Lara Croft – A Gaming Icon Through and Through

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The Verdict

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Lara Croft: Shadow of the Tomb Raider is an experience worth living. While there is less gun fighting, you will get your epic Michael Bay-esque scenes to cheer at for minutes in a row. SOTTR is an atmospheric game, blending in horror with action and adventure, a compelling RPG, and true nourishment for the curious minds. 

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