Why so Fast? Understanding Mobile Gambling Boom

Posted by ProClockers Hardware Reviews on Friday, December 13, 2019 - 12:32am

Why so Fast? Understanding Mobile Gambling Boom


Mobile gambling has seen a major increase in popularity in recent years. Increasing use of smartphones and apps, a rising demand for the Internet of Things and a growing mobile gaming population are some factors driving the growth. The gambling industry is continuing to prove that it is a vibrant entertainment economy. 

Thousands of online casinos attract millions of players every year and the industry is expected to be worth $60 billion in 2020. This means that competition is likely to become fiercer and gambling operators and software providers will need to be more innovative. 

Back in 2017, Statista polled mobile users and found that 28% used their mobile phones for mobile gaming and 10% used them for online gambling and betting. Gambling statistics show that mobile gaming growth since then has been exponential. Games now account for 43% of all smartphone use and an increase of 18.84% in mobile gambling is expected by 2021.


The Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile gambling

The Internet of Things refers to an interconnected system of devices, machines, objects etc. that are able to automatically collect and share data over a network. In its broadest sense, it allows devices to “communicate.” 

What this means to gambling operators is that software developers are able to make more advanced games with better features. IoT advanced devices give players ways to gamble that they never had before and they can use their mobile phones to play a wide variety of games at online casinos without experiencing any problems.


Smartphones and gambling apps

Mobile phones have been around for some time but it is only over the past few years that mobile gambling has taken off. Players now have the convenience of being able to play anywhere and at any time instead of having to access online games from a desktop.

A long wait in a queue or taking the bus to work presents an opportunity to pull out a phone and play the latest slots or some blackjack. People are usually within the range of a Wi-Fi signal no matter where they are and all they have to do is log into their accounts and begin playing. 


The popularity of online gaming

Online casinos were quick to notice the popularity of games on social media sites and to add social features to their games like those found in the mobile game industry. Players are now able to interact with other players in ways including participating in social slots, accepting challenges and participating in leader boards. With the adoption of new technology, such features will become even better. 


The development of mobile apps

Until just a few years ago, most online gambling took place from desktop computers as mobile gambling apps offered limited functionality. This situation changed when iOS and Android phones were released that offered high-resolution displays, fast internet access and easy-to-use touch screens. 

Gaming operators invested in research and development to develop mobile apps that provide players with an excellent experience. They noticed that younger generations of players in particularly were using Android smartphones and Android gambling apps real money instead of desktop computers to access online games.

Ease of access is an important feature for players and this is where software developers go to great lengths to make sure players have a smooth experience with decent, high-quality interfaces. 

Mobile casino games are optimized for touchscreen use, making it possible to simply touch and swipe and the games also adjust to suit the size of the screen.


Special offers and bonuses for mobile users

Some sites have special mobile offers and taking advantage of bonuses helps online gamblers to maximize their odds. From no deposit bonuses to free spins, they can test out a website risk-free and even win some real money. They still have to register an account but aren’t limited to the amount they can play. At a $1 casino, they only have to make a $1 deposit to be able to play.


A growing online gambling market

The fact that consumers spend so much time on their mobile devices has given gaming providers access to a whole new customer base. Many consumers develop an affinity for online gambling after playing free casino games they find in app stores and on other platforms. Gambling providers can capitalize on this by offering real money casino games to them through their free apps.

Payment providers have also made it very simple for mobile players to enter banking information and make deposits and withdrawals from their mobile phones.

The global mobile online gambling market is growing by leaps and bounds as more of the world’s population is able to own mobile phones and access the internet. Europe leads in this growth, followed by Asia-Pacific. Asia is expected to show great potential in the coming years, thanks to new technologies and increasing internet accessibility. 

Canada is one country that has benefited from a liberal approach to gaming and has become a hub for software providers and gambling operators. It is one of the leading gambling regions in the world and many Canadians will play at an online casino Canada real money. Well over half of all adult Canadians engage in some form of gambling.

As more people around the globe get access to mobile phones and affordable internet connections, so online gambling continues to grow. 



Gambling providers now have a whole new customer base and they need to continue to improve their services to stay competitive. The use of desktop computers has given way to the use of mobile devices to access casino games and software developers have had to innovate and design mobile apps to appeal to online mobile game players. 

People are now able to access a variety of online casino games in any setting and these games have become more interactive, thanks to development in online gaming technologies. With unprecedented access, ease of use and convenience, mobile online gambling is set to grow even more in the years to come.