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Posted by Ryan Rudd on Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 10:59am


HONG KONG – May 18th, 2017 – ZOTAC, a global manufacturer of innovation, is proud to announce that the final tournaments of ZOTAC CUP MASTERS event will kick off from May 30th to June 3rd to be the first eSports tournament at Computex Taipei. The best six teams from the ZOTAC CUP regional qualifiers and two invitational teams will compete live for the $100,000 USD prize pool.

Live-streamed globally and available in over 8 languages, the ZOTAC CUP MASTERS is a world class eSports competition marked with a first eSports tournament to happen during Computex where the best meet best and battle each other in one of the most popular MOBA games in the world, DOTA 2. The schedule will be as follows:

May 30th - 10:30am: Opening Press Conference

May 30th - May 31st: DOTA 2 Tournaments – Elimination Rounds

June 1st - DOTA 2 Tournaments - Playoffs

June 2nd - DOTA 2 Tournaments - Semifinals

June 3rd - 9am to 1:30pm: DOTA 2 Final Tournament

June 3rd - 2pm to 3pm: ZOTAC VR eSports Show Match Event

June 3rd - 3pm to 4pm: Closing Ceremony

The grand finale is set with the best winning teams DANISH BEARS, FNATIC, iG.VITALITY, isGG, NEWBEE, TEAM NP, TEAM SINGULARITY, and WARRIORSGAMING.UNITY from regional qualifiers around the world plus two top invitational teams come together to compete for the MASTERS title.

As one of the biggest global eSports events, ZOTAC CUP MASTERS has received worldwide attention and support, resulting in matches and gaming systems of the highest caliber year after year. Thanks to our event partners Battlefy, ESL and Computex, as well as hardware and software partners: NVIDIA, ASRock, BigBox, Cooler Master, ESL, HyperX, Intel, Predator, Thermaltake TteSPORTS, and HTC Vive. The official ZOTAC CUP MASTERS gaming system is powered by the very latest Intel® Core™ processor technology and with the most powerful GeForce GTX

1080 Ti, the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP Extreme, so players can push the limits.

Being the world first to announce and produce a wearable backpack PC to untether VR, ZOTAC is partnering with HTC Vive and BigBox VR to host the world’s first VR eSports Show Match tournament, live at the ZOTAC CUP MASTERS COMPUTEX.

“The Zotac Cup Masters represents a tremendous opportunity to showcase the best of VR and HTC Vive in an eSports tournament,” said Walter Wang, Director, eSports, HTC. “Zotac has put together an exciting roster of events, and we’re looking forward to demonstrating how room-scale VR can combine the physicality of traditional

sports and the precision of eSports.”

Pro players are flown in from around the world to Taipei, Taiwan Computex to duke it out in one of the hottest competitive titles in VR, Smashbox Arena.

"VR has a very bright future and we are excited to be one of the early leaders to help

push the VR momentum forward into what may become a new standard in competitive eSports," said Chinny Chuang, Global Director of Marketing, ZOTAC.

This is also the first VR eSports tournament featuring a gold standard of eSports production and global livestreaming that may pave the path to more VR eSports. Watch the action live as pro players immerse themselves in the virtual world, untethered with the ZOTAC VR GO Backpack PC.

Watch live as the ZOTAC CUP MASTERS will be livestreamed globally and available in different languages via the ZOTAC CUP official website and ZOTAC CUP Twitch channel.

For more information, please visit the following links. ZOTAC CUP MASTERS Official Website


ZOTAC CUP Official Website

ZOTAC CUP Twitch Channel

 About ZOTAC International (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited

ZOTAC takes its name from the words "zone" and "tact". The two words aptly describe our technological strength and experience completed with our innovative and unique approach to the industry. Established in 2006, we believe in manufacturing quality PC related products including graphics cards, motherboards, mini-PCs and innovative accessories. Our dedication to rigorous standards and the relentless pursuit of excellence is the backbone to our success.

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