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NZXT Switch 810 Hybrid Full Tower

NZXT Switch 810The Switch 810 is another great looking case from Johnny Hou and the people at NZXT. The Switch is another big case (we have seen many of these lately) that promises to be a water-cooler’s dream and a gamers’ biggest wish. This dream and wish comes not only with a ton of features but at a price that is very affordable. At $170, the Switch 810 can be the next case sitting beside your desk.



NZXT Switch 810

NZXT Switch 810The Switch 810 is another great looking case from Johnny Hou and the people at NZXT. The Switch is another big case (we have seen many of these lately) that promises to be a water-cooler’s dream and a gamers’ biggest wish. This dream and wish comes not only with a ton of features but at a price that is very affordable. At $170, the Switch 810 can be the next case sitting beside your desk.

Introduction to the NZXT Switch 810 Hybrid Full Tower

There was very little at CES when it came to PC hardware to really talk about. Honestly, most of the reading I had done posted on many of the sites where things many us already knew about. And many of the things that were new to us buzz only lasted for about a week after CES was over. Except for our next review item which is the NZXT Switch 810 Hybrid full tower.

The Switch 810 is another great looking case from Johnny Hou and the people at NZXT. The Switch is another big case (we have seen many of these lately) that promises to be a water-cooler’s dream and a gamers’ biggest wish. This dream and wish comes not only with a ton of features but at a price that is very affordable. At $170, the Switch 810 can be the next case sitting beside your desk.

NZXT’s take on the Switch 810

Experience the pinnacle of chassis design! Switch 810 is an epic hybrid case built for the hardcore PC enthusiast. This full tower chassis introduces a first of its kind concept for more versatility and adaptability to any configuration. It can be modified for superior water cooling or superb airflow through seamless operation. The Switch 810 is the ultimate powerhouse suitable for any type of PC enthusiast – whether you are liquid cooling, silent performance, or extreme airflow. You will have full control to customize all the features of Switch 810 based upon your preference.

Some unique features that set Switch 810 apart is the adjustable Hybrid Fins that reduce sound up to 40-60% when closed or open passageways for maximum airflow. Keep dust out by simply shifting the Hybrid Fins closed. Switch 810 has a rear LED light for illuminating the I/O in the dark, removable HDD cages for bottom radiator installation, a stealth bay, ability to mount triple 120/140mm radiators with 90mm of space, and potential to install up to 7 HDDs. For the first time, NZXT is introducing advanced HDD cages equipped with two 140mm pivot fans for directing airflow to the VGA and CPU. Anything is achievable with this chassis. You can only explore the infinite possibilities of PC expansion with the Switch 810.



Switch 810


Hybrid Full Tower




235 x 595 X 585 mm

VGA Clearance Maximum

375mm (w/out fan), 350 (installed), 285 (full pivot)


FRONT, 2 X 120/140mm (1x 140mm included)
REAR, 1 X 120/140mm (1x 140mm included)
TOP, 3 X 120/140mm (1x 140mm included)
BOTTOM, 2x 120/140mm
INTERIOR, 2x 120/140mm (1x 140mm included)
SIDE, Large acrylic window


Screwless Rail Design


Steel, Plastic




9.1 kg




Unique hybrid full tower chassis optimized for extreme liquid cooling, airflow, or silence

Supports high-end water cooling solutions up to three fans for push and pull configuration: 90mm of internal top space with top 360/420mm and bottom 140/240mm radiator support for unmatched liquid cooling

Four water-cooling cutouts for easy liquid cooling management on the rear panel

Spacious CPU cutout for mounting high-end CPU coolers without removing the motherboard

Removable top 5.25” plates to accommodate wide radiators

Clever hybrid fin design allows the user to choose between maximum airflow or sound reduction

Innovative right-mounted HDDs for easy hard drive replacement

Removable HDD pull-out cages and large storage capacity for 7 hard drives

Equipped with two 140mm pivot fan slots for directing airflow at 15⁰ to the VGA and CPU

Rear white light for visibility in dark environments with a toggle switch

Dual high-speed USB 3.0, hard drive dock along with a SD card reader for transfer and quick access to multimedia

5.25″ hard drive hot swap with SATA III support

Nine expansion slots for installing EATX motherboards with Quad SLI or Triple Crossfire

Supreme cooling capacity with up to ten 140/120mm fans

Stress-free wire management and 23mm clearance in the rear allows for superb wire-tucks

Ten large specialized cutout holes for easy cable management

Easily removable bottom filters in the front and rear to prevent dust from entering

Tool-less 5.25” and 3.5”/2.5” SSD hard drive installation for convenience and ease of accessibility

Large acrylic window with a view to show off the interior of your rig

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Closer look at the exterior

The Switch comes in two colors; the first is black which is the new beige and white which is growing in popularity each day. The unit we will be review today is the white one. I think we mentioned the case is considered a full tower so at 24” it should be able to support anything you throw at it. And when empty it weighs just a mere twenty pounds.

NZXT gave the case the name Switch because it can easy go come one extreme to another. If you are a newbie and building your first rig, you can easily build a new air-cooled system. But as time goes on and your experience broadens, you can switch to a water-cooled rig with little effort. And anything in between is just as effortlessly.

The Switch 810 consist of four 5.25 optical bays with the top bay having a stealth panel for your optical drive. With the white case this is a good idea to put the contrast going and not interrupted with a different drive. Above the optical bays is another bay that could pass from any optical bay but is actually the I/O area. The very bottom bay is actually a HDD dock for 2.5”/3.5” drives.

Underneath the panel hiding the I/O plate we see there are two USB 2.0, two USB 3.0 and a SD card reader that is something we don’t see in many cases. There are also the audio jacks, a reset and LED button.

Below the optical bays is shiny panel that can be removed to give you access to the installed 140mm. As you can see a second fan of the same size of one size smaller can be added.

The small crease in the bottom is actually the flap for removing the lower dust filter for the bottom fans.

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The Switch 810 has nine expansion slots for multi-GPU sets up to quad cards. Near the expansion slots are two small LEDs to aid in finding whatever you need in the rear of the case. There are four inlets for water-cooling tubes as well.

The entire bottom of the case is one big air vent it seems. There is one for the power supply and another two for not included fans. The mounting holes instantly let you know the case will support a dual 120rad in the bottom. The case uses four rubber strips to seat the box on the ground.

The left side panel consists of very little metal and a large window. This is the largest window we have seen on a case in a long time. It is large enough to allow you to see everything inside the case except for the hard drives.

There isn’t too much to say about the right side panel.

A top the case is the button which is molded into the front plastic piece. The rails we see here can be open and closed via a small bar located at the back of the case. Not only is the top panel functional but it is also removable to expose any fans you may place here.

Closer look at the interior

Opening the Switch 810 we get a lot more white paint with traces of blacks here and there. The case is plenty large and capable of housing a wide range of motherboard size ranging from the smallest ITX to XL-ATX.

And when it comes to video cards there should not be any issues. Well, that depends on how you mount the HDD case pivot fan and the HDD cages themselves. In its most complex installation you should be able to fit a card as long as the Radeon HD 6990.

Accessing the back of the motherboard to change CPU coolers shouldn’t be a problem with the large opening in the MB tray just for that purpose. And for routing of cables that are plenty of inlets for that and they are all covered in rubber to protect the cables as well as the case.

NZXT did a great job of setting the Switch 810 up for water-cooling. It begins with the removing of the HDD cage so you can install longer video cards or mount a water-cooling rad. In order to do so you have to remove a total of four thumbscrews and grabbing the pull handles on each cage.

Optical drives are secured into their bays via plastic braces. Extra thumbscrews aligned the optical drive cage to better account for them.

To aid in better air placement each HDD cage comes with an adjustable fan holder with one fan being included. Simply removing a screw you can adjust the fan 15 degrees. Good for aiming the fan directly at the chipset of GPU.

The Switch 810 can accommodate pretty much any length of power supply, so your choice is limitless. Unlike the Enermax Fulmo GT we reviewed you can mounted any length power supply along with a dual 120mm rad without issue.

Each of the nine PCI expansion slots is covered with mesh steel inserts. While there are four tubing inlets placed vertically to the expansions.

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Internally, NZXT included two 140mm exhaust fans, one in the rear and one up top. Two more and be placed in the top to accompany the one included or one could choose to install a triple fan rad. The thickness of your rad will determine the order of fans and rad. You do decide to water-cool and use a thicker rad just one row of fans can be used. Using a thinner rad can result in a push-pull configuration.

Here we have a shot of the back of the motherboard. NZXT built the Switch 810 to provide ample amount of space behind the motherboard for the routing of cables. Another nice touch is this power bar for connecting all your fans, it is powered off a single 4-pin Molex connector..

The case can be easily disassembled because all the joints are secured with regular screws and not rivets.

Build Images


The NZXT Switch 810 is one of the most complete towers we have ever reviewed. The case was truly thought out before it hit the market. It will easily fit the needs of 95% of the PC users out there. When it comes to the gamer, enthusiast and overclocker you would be hard pressed to find a better case for your build.

The cooling option is one of the best features of the Switch 810. It comes with enough fans which are four to not have to fork out more money for more. And there is room for many more. But for those looking to water-cool their rig will be happy to know they can install everything internally. But mounting components externally is an option. But it isn’t the cleanest look if you ask me. The case can house upwards of three rads if you are mounting the reservoir/pump in the 5.25” bay. And with the many options of bay reservoir/pump installing a dual loop is no problem.

Cable management is another great feature of the Switch 810. NZXT placed more than enough cable outlets in to the motherboard tray as well as plenty of room behind the tray to route all of your cables.

Something that is overlooked by many case manufacturers is the assembling and disassembling of the case. Many of you like to consider yourself modders and like to take a case down to its bare essence. NZXT made this pretty easy by using screws and not rivets to keep the case together. This little attention to detail makes life much easier.

We could go on and on about all the features of the case but we won’t. You have to read the whole review.

The Switch 810 comes in two colors which is black and white. We especially like the white model as it is becoming pretty popular. Never having to see the black model but have the Phantom 410 on hand in black will display finger prints.

There is a lot of plastic that makes up the outside of the Switch 810, so if you are one of those people that plastic and cases don’t mix may look the other way. But we love it.

This is definitely without a doubt one of the best $170 cases we have ever seen.

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