12G SAS Expander Series with Databolt – Double your performance from 6G SAS Expander

12G SAS Expander Series with Databolt 

Double your performance from 6G SAS Expander

High transfer rate does not always equal high cost. Sans Digital 12G SAS Expander series support many different sizes and form factor to meet your needs.


Sans Digital 12G SAS expander series are the most complete line of products in the market. Whether you need a tower for video productions, or rackmounts for centralized data storage, or high performance 12G SAS SSD for mission critical databases, Sans Digital have a solutions for you.


All models incorporate DataBolt feature to enable using 6G hard drives in a 12GSAS Expander environments.


To allow 6Gb/s and 3Gb/s hard drives and SSD transit to newer 12G standard and performance, Sans Digital SAS expander equipped with LSI DataBolt technology, which allows the existing of 6G and 3G hard drives and SSD infrastructure to take advantage of 12Gb/s speed. Only available in 12G SAS expander series, LSI DataBolt technology can aggregate bandwidth from 6Gb/s and 3Gb/s hard disk drives and SSD to a 12Gb/s data stream by intelligently buffering data, resulting in over 50% increase. DataBolt technology is fully compatible with the 12Gb/s SAS T10 specification.


12G End to End solutions – 12G SAS expander enclosure, 12G PCIe 3.0 x8 RAID controller


Optional bundled with 12G RAID controller card. The 12G SAS RAID controller is designed with highest possible performance in mind with today’s computers architecture. Equipped with PCIe 3.0 x8 with dual-core dedicated 1.2GHz RAID engine and 2G of DDR-3 1833 memory, the bundled RAID controller card guarantee provides enough performance with12G setup. All models come with necessary accessories, including mounting rail and 48Gb/s HD-mini-SAS cables (SFF-8644). EliteSTOR 12G

SAS Expander provides instant storage expansion with the performance you never have before.


Please see below for details about 12G Offer.


·  Tower based 12G Models: MobileSTOR 12G Series 

·  Rackmount based 12G Models: EliteSTOR 12G Series

·  2.5″ Rackmount based 12G Models: AccuSTOR Series





   · Supports 3G and 6G hard drives with 12G

      performance using LSI Databolt technology.


   · 50% increase on existing 6G configurations.


   · 3,000MB/s performance with 12G RAID controller

      card with RAID 5 or 6.


12G End to End Solution


   · Bundled with all necessary accessories: 12G RAID

      Controller, Rail, Tray and mini-SAS HD Cables.


   · Optional 12G PCIe x8 3.0 RAID controller card for

       complete solution.


   · Enclosure management, include drives and cooling

      fan failure is logged via controller and enclosure LED.


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