16G Fibre Channel, 12G SAS, 10G Ethernet, 6G Port Multiplier

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16G Fibre Channel, 12G SAS, 10G Ethernet, 6G Port Multiplier



There is never-ending request for better, faster, and bigger storage. As your one-stop storage solution provider, we introduce all latest storage solution in different interface in fulfilling your needs. Rather is directed connect to your server or workstations (DAS), Network Shared Solution NAS or Storage Area Network (SAN) storage, we will have what you need!

  • 16G Fibre Channel: AccuRAID 16G Fibre Channel Series for SAN Storage Click Here
  • 12G SAS Expander: MobileSTOR, EliteSTOR, and AccuSTOR 12G SAS Expander with PCIe 3.0 12G RAID Controller Card. Click below for details of 12G SAS expander products.

                – Tower based 12G Models: MobileSTOR 12G Series 

                – Rackmount based 12G Models: EliteSTOR 12G Series

                – 2.5″ Rackmount based 12G Models: AccuSTOR Series

  • 10G Ethernet: AccuRAID 10G iSCSI series Click Here 
  • 6G Port Multiplier: TowerRAID 6G Port Multiplier Click Here

Contact us at [email protected] or 1-800-980-1988 to receive a free upgrade and consultation for the encrypted storage.





   AccuRAID and AccuSTOR Series


 · 16G Fibre Channel or iSCSI for SAN environment.


 · Up to 144TB per unit, and expand up to 720TB.


 · High availability includes redundant controller,

   cooling fan and power supply.



   EliteSTOR Series


 · The first industry 12G SAS expand for high

   performance DAS.


 · Performs over 3,000MB/s in RAID 5/6 setting,

   double existing 6G performance.


 · Existing 6G hard drives provide 12G performance

   under Data Bolt performance mode.




                   TowerRAID Series 


                 · 6G Port Multiplier Storage for SMB, direct attached



                 · 12G or 6G SAS connection for high performance.


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