ADATA Launches XPG Flame DDR4 Memory Modules

ADATA Launches XPG Flame DDR4 Memory Modules

U-DIMM and SO-DIMM models for gamers and overclockers on desktops, notebooks, and more

Taipei, Taiwan – August 30, 2016 – ADATA® Technology, a leading manufacturer of high performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash products, today launched XPG Flame DDR4 memory modules. Featuring a sleek heatsink emblazoned with a flame design, XPG Flame DDR4 is available in 288-pin U-DIMM and 260-pin SO-DIMM. This marks the first XPG memory for notebooks, and makes XPG Flame an appealing choice for gamers, overclocking, and competitive benchmarkers on desktops, notebooks, and small form factor (SFF) PCs. XPG Flame uses the most carefully-sorted and assembled boards and chips for assured quality and stability. Customers can choose modules in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB densities, with speeds up to 3000MHz on U-DIMM and 2800MHz on SO-DIMM. All XPG Flame modules support Intel XMP 2.0 (Extreme Memory Profile) specifications and ship with a lifetime ADATA product warranty.

Expanding DDR4 performance options for desktop enthusiasts

Following the launch of bestselling XPG Z1 DDR4 memory and lucrative XPG Dazzle LED DDR4, XPG Flame brings a highly attractive option for desktop gamers, overclockers, and tuners. With a sleek low profile heatsink, XPG Flame U-DIMM modules use a 10-layer black PCB with 2oz of copper. All of these ensure stable performance and a long module lifespan in every situation, from the most system-stressing games to competitive overclocking and benchmarking. Stock clocks range from 2400MHz to 3000MHz, driven by 1.2V to 1.35V. Higher speeds are quite readily possible thanks to the premium chips, circuitry, and PCB materials employed. Intel XMP 2.0 support means users have more ways to access memory overclocking, including directly from the operating system rather than via more complex BIOS settings.

First XPG gaming memory for notebooks and compact PCs

XPG Flame signifies a major milestone as the debut of XPG memory in the SO-DIMM form factor. As notebooks now offer gaming experiences equal to those found on many desktops, demand for high quality, fast DDR4 for notebooks, ultrabooks, and SFF (small form factor) PCs is growing. XPG Flame addresses this need with modules set to 1.2V and supporting speeds of 2400MHz to 2800MHz. With a black PCB, XPG Flame SO-DIMM has the same low profile but stylish look of the U-DIMM version, and is equally designed to handle the most enthusiastic gaming, overclocking, and benchmarking.  

Top quality assurance

XPG Flame DDR4 memory modules are assembled using high-grade chips selected through a strict filtering process and use finest-quality PCBs. Each module passes rigorous reliability and compatibility tests that exceed those used on mainstream memory modules, ensuring top-notch longevity and durability.


XPG DDR4 Flame series will be available at and

Product Webpage

XPG Flame DDR4 Memory Module SO-DIMM

XPG Flame DDR4 Memory Module U-DIMM



XPG Flame DDR4 Memory Module SO-DIMM  $49.99

XPG Flame DDR4 Memory Module U-DIMM   $49.99


About XPG by ADATA
Xtreme Performance Gear, or XPG, is an ADATA brand offering high performance and extra-stylish PC gaming and overclocking hardware. XPG team members are all gamers and overclockers themselves, and deeply invested in the community. As such, XPG products go beyond even strict ADATA A+ testing methodology, delivering enthusiasts assured performance and stability in the most intense gaming, benchmarking, and competitive overclocking. XPG enables journeys into exciting new frontiers, standing together with leading technologies and industry partners to power the most advanced graphics, physics, and gameplay – including a growing focus on emerging virtual reality. The XPG line shines with more than just sheer performance, displaying careful attention to design and style. Users can instantly tell an XPG product by its aggressive yet subtle appearance. XPG designs double as performance unlockers, for example the advanced heat shields on high speed memory modules. XPG products have garnered prestigious accolades worldwide such as the Good Design Award (Japan) and the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award. For more info, visit

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