Aerocool presents BattleHawk value-form-money chassis





Aerocool presents BattleHawk value-form-money chassis

12.05.2015, Taipei, Taiwan – Aerocool Advanced Technologies, one of world’s leading manufacturers of excellent gaming PC gear, introduces the new BattleHawk chassis as part of its value-for-money PGS-V (Performance Gaming System) series. The BattleHawk offers an aggressive design and a variety of features, which are otherwise known from much more expensive chassis. The list of features includes cable ducts for cable management, removable dust filter, pre-installed fans, embedded side window and the I/O panel with many extras.

As usual, Aerocool gives users the choice between the black and white color versions. No compromise has to be made when it comes to choosing compatible hardware. BattleHawk offers space for ATX, microATX and miniATX mainboards as well as VGA card with a length of up to 390 mm. CPU Coolers with a total height of 155 mm fit into the chassis and even backplate-based coolers can be conveniently mounted thanks to the big opening in the mainboard tray. Aerocool equipped the new midi-tower with great cooling options. BattleHawk comes with two pre-installed 120-mm case fans, where one fan is located in the front and another one in the rear of the case. Thanks to this setup, a solid cooling solution is provided out of the box, which then can be adjusted and enhanced later on according to the user’s demand. The case fan located in the front is equipped with LEDs, which are illuminating the front panel of the BattleHawk. In order to customize the airflow inside the chassis, it is possible to mount one additional 120-mm case fan in the front and two 120-mm fans in the top panel.

BattleHawk offers space for up to three 3,5 inch hard disks and one 2,5 inch SSDs or HDDs in the HDD cage. Another 2,5 inch drive can be mounted on the rear side of the mainboard-tray. Two 5,25 inch optical drives can be mounted tool-free as well as one 3,5 inch drive on the top front side of the chassis. A door in the front panel hides the exposed bays and benefits the overall design. The I/O panel has been implemented in the top panel, offering one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, one mic and one headphone jack. Besides these basic functions, a fan controller for up to four fans and even a card reader for SD and microSD cards have been built in.

BattleHawk chassis will be available at etailers and retails starting this week. Suggested manufacturers price is set at 64,90 EUR in Europe and $71,50 in USA (excl. Taxes).

Aerocool BattleHawk Black – Product Page
Aerocool BattleHawk White – Product Page
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Aerocool is one of the market leaders in the “Gaming Market”. Our strong brand and product image are well received by gamers and enthusiasts world-wide. We offer a full line of performance products including gaming cases, gaming PSUs, gaming mouses, gaming headsets, gaming keyboard, gaming headsets, multifunctional panels and fans.

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