Alphacool Eiswolf

Alphacool Eiswolf

The Alphacool Eiswolf GPX-Pro cooler is the first expandable All in One water cooler for graphics cards in the world. Through its quick-release fasteners, the Eiswolf can be expanded with any desired additional components and even attached to the world-renowned Alphacool Eisbaer, an expandable All in One solution for processors.

  1. Very high cooling performance, thanks to the latest technology.
  2. The world’s first suction pump in the AIO field.
  3. Upgradeable by exchanging only the aluminium casing.
  4. All parts available individually.
  5. Full copper radiator for the highest cooling performance.
  6. All water-bearing parts made from copper or brass.


Eiswolf GPX-Pro 120 AIO
The AIO variant is a complete solution that requires no additional parts. It is made up of the cooler itself, the radiator, and the corresponding hoses and quick-release fasteners. It is prefilled and ready for installation right out of the package.

Eiswolf GPX-Pro
The non-AIO variant is made up of the cooler body and two short hoses with quick-release fasteners on their ends. The cooler is prefilled and can be directly attached to an existing cooling loop with the quick-release fasteners.


We are still running our “Send in your GPU and get one cooler for free” promotion for the Eiswolf GPX-Pro, however there will be a small surcharge for the PRO edition.  There will be an additional 20 Euro charge for the cooler itself, or if you prefer the GPX Pro AIO cooler, an additional 50 Euro charge would apply.  The standard GPX cooler will continue to be no charge for this campaign.

For More information Alphacool[..]

For More information  Alphacool[..]

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