Alphacool HardTubes Plexi (PMMA) Clear UV-Blue

Alphacool HardTubes Plexi (PMMA) Clear UV-Blue

Alphacool presents “The next Step in modding and style”, the brand new Alphacool UV HardTube. These new UV reactive rigid tubes are an excellent way to making your PC stand out from the crowd, they catch the eye like nothing else on the market. You can even create different looks depending on the fluid, if you use colored fluid, you can create brand new colors just by turning on your UV lighting and if you are using clear fluid you can change the intensity of the glow simply by changing the distance between the black light and the tubes. You can now build your system with two color schemes in mind, one for the day, when the lights are off and a completely different scheme for the nighttime when you turn your lights on. Everyone who sees this will be impressed.

Now available in our shops

  • Material : UV-aktive PMMA (plexi) blue
  • Lengths : 20, 40, 60 and 80cm
  • also available in a pack of 4

Product Information

The HardTube project becomes a reality. Alphacool takes a completely new way and clearly sets! Alphacool extends the HardTube range – UV active Plexi tubes in various lengths. The method most commonly used previously for water cooling systems is normal PVC hoses – now Alphacool offers another approach to water cooling. The Alphacool HardTube again brings more tidiness into the system which makes a much more structured impression. Brand new plexi tubes with the Alphacool HT connectors make installation very simple, they connect completely sealed together. The plexi tube can be adapt to the system with the appropriate bending tool without needing to use additional angles. For a strong illuminating power range already two 30cm UV cathodes are enough. If that is not sufficient you can generate more brightness by UV-active, transparent or colored liquid. The path of a masterpiece is ready and curious looks guaranteed!

The following options are available:
HardTube 13/10mm Clear Plexi UV-Blue 20cm, 40cm, 60cm and 80cm
(all lengths also available as a set of 4)

Note: Due to the made-to-fit pipes, the connections must be plugged straight with a little effort.

Scope of delivery:
Alphacool HardTube 13/10mm plexi clear UV-Blue 80cm

Attention: Not compatible with Monsoon fittings. 

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