Alphacool presents: 20 new Eisfach reservoirs

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The famous Alphacools Light Tower is the most popular Reservoirs in assortment of Alphacool. 
It was only a matter of time untill his famous Light Tower effect will be found in other reservoirs. 
Now the time has come. Alphacool is presenting not only a new reservoir but a whole family of reservoirs which now come therefore with the Light Tower effect. The new reservoirs listen to the name Eisbecher and belongs to the new Eis-family, the high-end series of Alphacool. 20 different models includes the new Eisbecher family, so the right product is guaranteed for everyone.

All models are currently available in two sizes, namely 150 and 250mm. All models are also available as an acetal or Full Plexi Edition, a novelty on the market. So you can not only see well the water in the circuit but also produce great effects in lighting. Degree in lighting the Full Plexi models offer various opportunities for effective lighting. On the one hand, depending on the model, up to four LEDs can be mounted in the base and it is possible to position another LED in the lid of the reservoir. So you can reach an all-round lighting of the entire reservoir.

The versions also differ in the ways of the pump installation. There are models for the assembly of a D5, VPP or DDC pump in the bottom. Also a version for Eheim 1046 or more pumps will be offered. Those who prefer to attach its pump separately will access the normal reservoir or the LITE version. The LITE version provides the Lighttower effect only if you uses the upper inlet, because in the lower area there is an anticyclone with the Alphacool logo which can illuminate. The normal Eisbecher has the famous Bubble Down in the bottom of the same as the anticyclone whitch prevents that bubbles go back into the circulation. 

With this reservoirs Alphacool is treading a further step in the era of the  ice-product family, other products for all areas will follow.

All models are available immediately.



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