Alphacool presents: 34 new Eiszapfen

The Eiszapfen high-end product series from Alphacool is growing exponentially today. After the launch of a whole battery of new products like new expansion tanks, quick fasteners, ball valves, and tops for D5 and DDC pumps, it was only a matter of time until Alphacool also added new connectors to the Eis-family.

The new connectors are called Eiszapfen (Icicle). The complete line offers a high-quality and state-of-the-art outer finish for a better overall aesthetic in the connectors. The chrome-plated connectors have a strong, attractive glossy shine, while the black connectors come in a classy matte finish. In order to give the complete look that finishing touch, the connectors have been lacquered inside as well. This way any unattractive colour transitioning is completely gone.

Further improvements have been made to the rotatable connectors. They now have a double O-ring, which ensures greater safety. The typical „wobbling“ of the rotatable connectors is eliminated almost entirely in the Eiszapfen, due to superior manufacturing. 

All Eiszapfen connectors are packed in a foam bed in order to prevent any damage in transport. Every connector includes three O-rings in yellow, orange and turquoise. The O-rings are UV-reactive and glow after they have been exposed to UV light. 

There are a total of 34 different new Eiszapfen connectors.

  • G ¼“ Socket
  • Rotatable 90° G ¼“  Socket
  • Rotatable Double-Threaded G ¼“ External to G ¼“ External
  • Rotatable 45° Angle Adaptor G ¼“ External to G ¼“ Internal
  • Rotatable 90° Angle Adaptor G ¼“ External to G ¼“ Internal
  • Rotatable Double 45° Angle Adaptor G ¼“ External to G ¼“ Internal
  • G ¼“ Screw Plug
  • Rotatable L-Connector G ¼“ External to G ¼“ Internal
  • L-Connector G ¼“ Internal to G ¼“ Internal
  • 10mm Extension G ¼“ External to G ¼“ Internal
  • 20mm Extension G ¼“ External to G ¼“ Internal

Sizes for SoftTubes: 13/10, 16/10 and 19/10

Sizes for HardTubes: 13/10 and 16/10

Alphacool also offers all straight connectors in any size in a box of six connectors. These bulk boxes naturally offer a price advantage over single connectors.

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