Alphacool presents: New Alphacool Eisrohre

Alphacool presents the Eisrohr Satin HardTubes, “the next step in modding and style”.

Following clear acrylic, carbon and brass HardTubes, the “Eisrohr” Satin tubes are the next step in HardTubes. The surface looks like ice, which fits the general “Eis” family. With the “Eisrohr”, you effectively change the look of your system. You can especially see its true effects after refilling the system. The water has the appearance of frosted ice. With clear HardTubes, when the system is lit by LEDs, you see the reflection of each individual LED very clearly. Not so with the “Eisrohr”. Instead, the light is diffused and you get a softer, better illumination.

Anyone looking for something extraordinary in their system needs to take a look at the “Eisrohr” Satin.

Available sizes:

  • 80cm 16/12mm
  • 80cm 13/10mm


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