Alphacool presents: The world’s biggest AIO – The Alphacool Eisbaer 420/140

Alphacool Eisbaer – the world biggest AIO solution

What is it?

The Alphacool Eisbaer is an expandable, refillable CPU all-in-one watercooler with a pure copper radiator. The Eisbaer can be expanded with additional Eisbaer Ready products such as the Eiswolf GPX-Pro graphics card cooler, among others.


  • Prefilled watercooler for your CPU
  • Quick connectors make it easy to expand and upgrade with Eisbaer Ready
  • Pure copper radiator for maximum cooling performance
  • DC-LT Ultra Low Noise ceramic pump for whisper-quiet operation
  • Refillable via the fill port on the reservoir. 

With the Eisbaer 420mm, Alphacool presents what is currently the largest and most powerful AIO water cooler in the world. With its mighty 420mm pure copper radiator and three 140mm Eiswind fans, the ability to cool any current CPU is more than just guaranteed. The quick connectors mean you can add any Eisbaer Ready products or custom water cooling gear to the cooling loop. The cooling performance of the mighty 420mm pure copper radiator is enough to add more than one graphics card to the loop, or any other components that will be cooled with water. The 420mm pure copper radiator and the included Eiswind fans can easily provide the necessary cooling power. 

In order to round out the lower end of the product palette, Alphacool is also offering the Eisbaer 140mm. It perfectly closes the performance gap between the 120 and 240mm models. It uses the same quiet-but-strong pump – the DC-LT Ultra Low Noise Ceramic pump.

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