AMD’s plans for VMWorld 2015 and how you could be the winner of a Microsoft Xbox One.

Increase Your Data Center Efficiency with Innovative Technologies from AMD for Virtualized Environments

Join us at VMWorld® 2015 August 30 – September 3, 2015 in booth 447 for a hands-on tour of the latest technologies from AMD for virtualized environments and enter for a chance to win a Microsoft® Xbox One™!

We understand doing more with less is a challenge we all face in business today. To help you meet that challenge head on, AMD has developed a unique suite of innovative products for virtualized infrastructures. For companies considering centralized computing solutions, AMD offers a full suite of cost-effective solutions. Powering back-end servers with our CPU and GPUs as well as unique thin clients utilizing our innovative APU and embedded technologies to meet all your Virtualization needs.

AMD FirePro™ S-series professional GPUs make it easy for IT to choose one flexible, scalable solution to meet various employee workload requirements. It’s now possible to take advantage of the processing power of AMD’s GPU to create virtual machines for users – all managed from one central, secure location.

That, coupled with AMD’s revolutionary AMD Opteron™ processor architecture, featuring up to 16 cores, AMD based solutions are built to support more VMs per server for greater consolidation—which can translate into lower server acquisition costs, operational expense, power consumption and data center floor space.

Employing AMD Embedded Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) and Systems-on-Chip (SOCs) that incorporate a GPU CPU onto one die, thin client OEMs have the added benefit of improved data transfer rates, and realize space savings on the motherboard, allowing for the creation of smaller, more powerful devices.

Join us in booth 447 at VMWorld 2015 and learn more about AMD’s Virtualization technologies at

Hope to see you in San Francisco!

enter to win* a Microsoft® Xbox One™ at the AMD booth

Visit the AMD booth at VMWorld 2015 for details.

VMworld 2015


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