Antec P380 Full-Tower Chassis [email protected]

Antec P380 Full-Tower Chassis Review

Today is a very special day indeed, as it marks the day I finally get my hands on the all-new Antec P380! I first saw this chassis at the start of the year, when we visited the Antec suite at CES 2015. I was very impressed with what I saw, but trade shows aren’t always the best place to get in close and really study a product. Antec used to be one of my favourite chassis manufacturers, I stress used to be, as they were one of the biggest players in the industry, creating some of the most popular chassis around. In recent years, Antec has seen fierce competition from the likes of Corsair, Silverstone, NZXT, Thermaltake and Coolermaster, to name but a few. The P380 is supposed to mark the triumphant return of Antec to the premium gaming chassis market, so let’s see if it’s got what it takes!

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