Antec VPF550 Strictly Power 550W Power Supply Unit [email protected]

Antec VPF550 Strictly Power 550W Power Supply Unit Review

 This may not come as a shock to some people (however it does to me sometimes) but not every gamer or professional in the market is willing to spend much on a quality power supply unit even if they happen spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars/euros on a single graphics card. The good thing with this however is that it’s not possible sometimes since really strong graphics cards require quite a bit of power and to get that people have no choice but to spend a lot more than they’d like to. On the other hand if you just want to power a low-mid/end system you don’t have to worry about that (not as much anyways) and so even a low-output PSU should suffice. Today we’re taking a look at one such PSU, the Strictly Power VPF550 550W model by Antec.

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