Apacer Upgrades Exclusive CoreProtector Technology

Apacer Upgrades Exclusive CoreProtector Technology

November, 19th, 2014, Taipei, Taiwan – Apacer’s exclusive CoreProtector Technology for SSD data security protection is upgraded – once again: In addition to the other security classes of the suite such as Data Protect, Write Protect and Device Protect, Boot Protect has been added to compliment the others and allow for very tight management of information security. Boot Protect requires users to enter an Access Code for access identification before even entering the OS environment. The management mechanism and control with multiple partitions and multiple users allows each computer to achieve security control via different Access Codes, achieving perfect management of data security.

Part of the Core Securtiy Suite, Apacer’s Class 4 Boot Protect Technology is the ultimate security class of Apacer’s CoreProtector series. It tightly restricts unauthorized access of a computer system. Users can set an access code during the system boot process so that no one else will be able to access the operating system or SSDs itself without the correct access code.

Boot Protect Technology is ideally applicable for SSDs with multiple OS-run storage zones that are independent from one another. For example if an SSD is divided into two storage zones with an OS installed in each zone, the host can decide which zone to access by entering the corresponding access code.


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