Are long games better, we review The Division, and your Steam account could be under threat @: PC & Tech Authority

Are long games better, we review The Division, and your Steam account could be under threat 


On game length and respecting the player
By Alex Mann | Mar 17, 2016
Opinion: ALEX MANN is sick of juggling time and money
Money on Digital Trees: The changing face of multiplayer gaming
By James Pinnell | Mar 14, 2016
Whether you like it or not, games that operate as a service are the future of online multiplayer.
Review: The Division
By Tom Parsons , Esat Dedezade | Mar 14, 2016
It’s big, it’s beautiful and it’s the best game we’ve played in ages.
Steam Stealer malware steamrollering gamers
By Bradley Barth | Mar 18, 2016
A new security report from Kaspersky Lab is shedding light on Steam Stealer, a growing family of malware that hackers are using to steal credentials for Valve’s Steam online gaming platform.
Minecraft coming to Gear VR
By Andrew Hayward | Mar 18, 2016
Watch out for those creepers!
Miitomo, Nintendo’s first smartphone app, is here
By Tom Morgan | Mar 18, 2016
Japan-only for now, but it’s coming to other countries soon.
Sony may be open to Microsoft’s cross-platform multiplayer idea
By Andrew Hayward | Mar 17, 2016
PS4 and Xbox One gamers in online harmony? Well, maybe…
Bag a bargain – PlayStation Store Easter Sale kicks off today
By Tom Morgan | Mar 17, 2016
PS4, PS3 and Vita game prices slashed by the Easter bunny
Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine VR coming to HTC Vive
By Andrew Hayward | Mar 16, 2016
After the weekend’s leak, now we have a proper trailer.
Intel wants to change the face of eSports
By Tom Morgan | Mar 16, 2016
The company best known for CPUs is getting its game on in a big way, and it wants to make the field more diverse.
PlayStation VR releasing in October for $549 Australian
By Andrew Hayward , David Hollingworth | Mar 16, 2016
Sony finally shares the essential details on the PlayStation 4 headset. UPDATED
Microsoft wants you to play against PS4 gamers
By Staff Writer | Mar 16, 2016
The new feature will let Xbox One players compete against PS4 and Windows 10 gamers – but there’s a catch.
Who really wants to watch Half-Life: The Movie?
By Staff Writer | Mar 16, 2016
Portal and Half-Life movies are apparently on the way, but why do we want films of games?
Whispers Of The Old Gods expansion for Hearthstone announced
By Lewis Vaughan | Mar 14, 2016
We heard whispers of a Hearthstone expansion…
Daybreak cancels EverQuest Next
By Andrew Hayward | Mar 14, 2016
Long-in-development successor to the classic MMO “wasn’t fun.”


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