ASTRO Uplink Dec 2015 Vol 1


ASTRO is going to be streaming LIVE from PAX South with your favorite members of the ASTRO Stream team, tripleWRECK, ImCoty, Legiqn, TangentGaming, and more! Come visit us at booth #10038 or watch the stream live at home on


The A40 + MixAmp Pro TR is here and with it are ways to connect your new headset to the latest platform. Check in on our Youtube Playlist above to find the best ways for you to connect your audio systems to the console of your choice. 


Need to get an edge? Drift0r is ready to give you exactly the information you need to make your engagements the best. Should you push against a VMP with a Man of War? From what distance should you engage? Drift0r reveals all in his InDepth series on Black Ops 3!

Year One of Destiny has come and gone. Enjoy the best moments of it with TripleWreck and see The Last Word and the glory days of Shotguns one last time. For the best of Year Two check out TripleWreck live on twitch: 

Beyond Entertainment is bringing us the big plays of Halo 5. Tune in above for their community recap from their fans and jump into their channel for Halo 5 tips and tricks as well as VODs of their most recent tournaments. 

Do you enjoy flying through the air with a sniper rifle? Tempting fate and going for the stealth and overshield every time its up? Then you need to tune in for matchmaking Monday with Legiqn! Legiqn will drop into Halo matchmaking and in the most extravagant way possible, earn as many kills as he can in a single round.

ImCoty has been delivering non-stop quality on Twitch for three years. Playing a variety of titles including H1Z1, CSGO and Overwatch. His fast paced, borderline reckless gameplay and entertaining commentary will make your morning. Watch him live every day at 8:00AM PST/11:00AM EST

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 Our second annual 24 Hour ASTRO Extra Life Charity Stream was an amazing success! We wanted to take a moment and thank all of those who came and watched us play the plethora of titles we do so enjoy while supporting our favorite charity. We raised over $2,000 during the stream thanks to the generosity of you. Thank you all so much!

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The A40 TR is our most unique audio system yet! With a bunch of new features and settings some are very different than they were with the Generation Two Audio Systems. If you have a question it may have already been answered in our extensive Frequently Asked Questions Blog.

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For the first time ever, ASTRO is putting the controls in your hand with the ASTRO Command Center. Our MixAmp Pro TR is fully customizable from EQs to Microphone Gains and Side tone. Learn how in our ASTRO Command Center Blog.

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Haley Schmidt is no stranger to video games. As a life-long gamer, TheHaleyBaby is best known in the Call of Duty scene, and has a loyal following of fans who tune into watch her stream on Twich on a regular basis. Interactive, lively, & genuinely kind, Haley continually reinvents herself, and what it means to livestream in an ever-evolving gaming landscape. 

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Prior to the launch of 343 Industries’ highly anticipated Halo 5: Guardians, we were able to sit down with several employees to discuss not only what fans could expect from the newest edition to the franchise, but also the future of Halo eSports, and the people behind the game. Michael “StrongSide” Cavanaugh currently works for 343 Industries, and gave us 20 minutes of his time so we could get to know the man behind StrongSide.

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