BackUp Brief – Jan #2 – High-Rely offers Free 10 Gigabit Ethernet upgrade on several models now.

10 Gigabit NIC upgrade for FREE on certain High-Rely units!

The cost of 10GbE (10 Gigabit Ethernet) continues to fall.  Low enough now that High-Rely is now offering this upgrade for FREE on select units! With the introduction of the competing Tehuti chipset, 10 GbE NICs are now remarkably affordable.  Just a year ago a 10 GbE NIC itself typically cost over $300. High-Rely announced  that it will now offer this 10GbE NIC option as a Free upgrade in two of its NAS product lines.*

10 GbE NIC’s can be directly connected together without a switch which makes a single cable connection from a High-Rely NAS to the server possible.  Though 10 GbE switches are still pricey, they too are falling with 24 port managed switches starting at under $500.  10 GbE has been an option for some time now with Intel 10 GbE NIC cards.  With the availability of the Tehuti powered 10GbE NIC, the  High-Rely RAIDFrame 4000BNAS 4000NetSwap NC800, and BNAS 400 will now be offered with this 10GbE upgrade option, at no extra charge.** Other High-Rely products may accept this card but it will not be free.  With these cost reductions and a possible 10X improvement on bandwidth to your network and servers, high performance network backup and storage solutions are moving into the mainstream for SMBs.

The Tehuti chip powered, NBase-T RJ-45 Ethernet NICs we now offer can perform with speeds of 10Gb (over Cat 6A), 5Gb (Cat 5E), 2.5Gb (Cat 5E), 1Gb (Cat 5) and 100Mb (Cat 3) with auto-negotiation for maximum legacy network compatibility and throughput potential over standard TP copper Cat 5E and Cat 6A with standard RJ-45 connectors.

*Subject to availability and the period of time on this offer may be limited.

**This NIC’s driver has a known problem with the new beta version of NetSwap VM firmware.  If you intend to use the VM version, you should buy the Intel 10 GbE NIC we also offer.

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