Blackbird MX-1 USB 3.1 PCIe Card Review @ Legit Reviews

Blackbird MX-1 USB 3.1 PCIe Card Review 

If you are looking for an easy way to add USB 3.1 Type-A & Type-C ports to an older PC that doesn't have any the only real option you have is to install a PCI-Express x4 add-in card which provides a pair of USB 3.1 ports. This is a rather inexpensive way to add the latest USB 3.1 ports that are rated at 10Gbps to an aging computer to give it a little upgrade to ensure you are getting the most performance possible from your desktop PC. There are a number of add-in cards on the market that can do this, but today we are taking a closer look at the Blackbird MX-1 USB 3.1 add-in card that runs $39.99 Shipped on Amazon...

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