CableMod Basic Cable Extension Kits

CableMod® Basic Cable Extension Kits

Universally-Compatible Extensions Feature Signature ModFlex™ Sleeving


(December 3, 2015) – Today, CableMod is proud to announce the CableMod Basic Cable Extension Kits – the easiest way to spruce up any system build.

CableMod Basic Cable Extension Kits include the most visible extension types, including one 24-pin ATX, one 4+4 pin EPS, and two PCI-e extensions. In addition to this, these extension kits also come with eight CableMod Cable Combs as a special bonus!

Due to varying graphics card power port configurations, these extension kits come in 6+6 pin and 8+6 pin kits, and differ in the PCI-e extensions included:


These cable extensions are made with the same premium quality and attention to detail as our full cable kits. The luxurious ModFlex™ Sleeving features a softness and flexibility that makes cable management an absolute breeze, while multiple color options help accentuate virtually any build. These extensions are also 100% heatshrink-free for a clean and professional look.

But perhaps the most striking advantage of cable extensions is that they are universally compatible, which means that users that previously could not use CableMod cables due to power supply incompatibility can now bring that professional CableMod look to their systems as well. These extension kits will be available in all of the current CableMod colors and color combinations:

In addition to these extension kits, CableMod is now also offering a selection of SATA Data Cables with the same ModFlex™ Sleeving – a perfect accent for your SATA devices.

Our SATA data cables will be available in seven luscious colors:

For more system-beautifying CableMod products, check out our official website:


About CableMod

Made from premium materials and crafted with the utmost care, CableMod cables are engineered for more than just function; they are built to delight and inspire. By utilizing choice components, these cables are constructed without the use of unsightly heatshrink. Tweaked with input from the modding community and offered in a large selection of colors, CableMod cables can turn even the most ordinary systems into works of art. For more information, visit the official website at


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