ClayPower: “Reliable Power Equipment for Tough Environments,” says Processor magazine



“Reliable Power Equipment for Tough Environment”: ClayPower featured on cover of Processor magazine

ClayPower, the division of iStarUSA Group group dedicated to Uninterrible Power Supplies (UPSes) and Power Distribution Units (PDUs), is featured on the front cover of the latest issue of Processor magazine. You can read the entire issue online here:

The article explains the importance of high-quality power equipment for businesses, in order to provide “a continuous stream of reliable power to stay up and running.”

ClayPower offers a range of high-quality industrial UPSes, PDUs, and surveillance UPSes, including UPSes that offer true double-conversion Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology to provide clean, high-quality, stable power to connected equipment. ClayPower products include thoughtful features, such as UPS units that have front LCD panels to display UPS status, load level, backup battery level, and other input/output and battery information. The article describes ClayPower’s Surveillance System UPSes and PDUs, which “keep CCTV and DVR/NVR systems up and running during surges and brown-outs.” The products in this line “feature automatic voltage regulation (AVR) technology for a wide operating range and an optional 12V battery to extend the backup time.”

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