Club 3D News 01/16 – HDMI 2.0 adapters, award etc.


Happy new year from Club 3D!

We hope you had a good start and wish you all the best for 2016. Success, Health and whatever is on your wish list. May all those things come true and this year be a prosperous one for you, your company or media. We are glad that Club 3D is a part of this on your side.

Shipping now: Club 3D´s DP 1.2 and MiniDP 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 active adapters. Our adapters CAC-1070 (DP) and CAC-1170 (miniDP) just came in and we do our best to make everyone happy who is looking for this solution. All those who want to use HDMI 2.0 or HDCP 2.2 with their latest 4K TV or other similar products but do not have a HDMI 2.0 output on their graphics card or other graphics solution source have been waiting a long time since the release of HDMI 2.0 specifications back in 2014. But now Club 3D has the solutions for their needs. The new adapters do even support 4:4:4 Chroma subsampling and they are the first ones to really do 4K @ 60 Hz.

Here at Club 3D we do not only think of a single product to introduce. We think further on which things are needed to give a clear guidance to users for the best experience with their products. Looking at the review of SweClockers that is mentioned in the chapter above, they were mentioning that it is very good that Club 3D is delivering the new CAC-1070 and CAC-1170 adapters. But to have the best possible 4K experience users have to think of the other adapters, cables etc. to use with their system. Here the CAC-1310 comes in and will be the solution for users who want to have premium quality with their HDMI 2.0 cable and full 4K @ 60 Hz resolutions. This cable will be available from the third week of January 2016.

For more information please visit the CAC-1310 product page.

Products of the week: 
Club 3D USB 3.0 Ultra Smart Docking Station & Club 3D DP 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 UHD [email protected] Active Adapter

Club 3D USB 3.0 Docking Station key features:

  • 5x USB 3.0 Ports

  • HDMI+DVI+VGA outputs

  • Supports Gigabit Ethernet

  • (Micro)SD card reader

  • Microphone and Headset jack

  • Ultra Slim Design

  • Resolutions up to 2048 x 1152 @ 60 Hz

Click the product page for more information.

For placing orders or availability information please contact your Club 3D account manager.


Club 3D Display Port 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 UHD Active Adapter (CAC-1070) key features:

  • 4K @ 60 Hz resolution

  • 4:4:4 Chroma subsampling

  • ideal for graphic solutions with DP 1.2 but no full HDMI 2.0 output

  • connects DP output to 4K UHD TV

Click here for more information on the CAC-1070 Active Adapter.


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