Club 3D News 08 – PlayStation® / CeBIT / Rakuten / Reviews

Club 3D News 08 – PlayStation® / CeBIT / Rakuten / Reviews

Club 3D´s connectivity products are the solution for many demands that professional or enthusiast users have. But when thinking of the usage of those products a lot of people only relate them to either PC or Notebooks. In fact the field of usage is much wider.
In January 2016 Club 3D has introduced the Premium High Speed HDMITM 2.0 4K60Hz UHD cable 3m/9.8ft (Item code: CAC-1310). At that time the product was one of the first cables to get the Premium Certification for 4K60Hz from the HDMITM Organisation and due to its extremly good quality the product became one of the top selling products for Club 3D in 2016.
Apart from using this cable with a PC or Notebook it is the perfect fit for using it with Sony´s latest PlayStation® 4 Pro. The PS ® 4 Pro offers a 4K HDMI output as an additional feature to previous generations. Club 3D´s CAC-1310 ensures the user to have the best 4K UHD Gameplay on his/her 4K60Hz UHD capable monitor or TV out of his PlayStation ® 4 games.
To find out more about the cable you can click on the picture on the left and you will be directed to the product page. For availability and price information please get in touch with your Club 3D sales contact.
Further information about the PlayStation ® 4 Pro specifications you can find on

CeBIT 2017 from March 20th to 24th  – Meet Club 3D in Planet Reseller again

As time goes by 2016 is already history and 2017 is another challenging and very exciting year for Club 3D. It will be the our company´s 20th year anniversary.
Besides showing our well established and constantly growing portfolio of high quality connectivity products in Planet Reseller, Hall 15 Booth D20, it would be nice to meet all of you there. We are looking forward to talk about future business, but very much interested as well to hear about your history with Club 3D and the business that you have done with us in the past 20 years. We will award the one (distributor, dealer, online-shop, retailer) who comes to the booth with the oldest invoice and his business card, with a docking station (USB 3.0 or Type C) of his choice.
Please send your meeting suggestion (day and time) to [email protected] or get in touch with your Club 3D sales contact to arrange a meeting during CeBIT.

With one of the latest newsletters we introduced Click Import as Club 3D´s distribution partner for Japan. Business with Click Import has developed very good since the start. To make Club 3D products available to a bigger number of consumers Click Import has worked on getting Club 3D products listed at Rakuten. Rakuten is known as one of the major players in asian e-commerce and major online shop/market place in Japan.
The first products are listed now on Rakuten which are the 4K60Hz related HDMITM 2.0 and Type C Adapters ( CAC-1070/CAC-1170/CAC-1504/CAC-1507). Further products will follow soon.
To have a look at the current listing you can just click on the Click Import logo in this news.

Club 3D USB Type C to DisplayPort 1.2 + USB 3.0 + Type C Charging Mini Dock (CSV-1537) in the Media

In November 2015 Club 3D started with the first USB-Type-C products. Continously the portfolio was widened and the latest addition is the above mentioned Mini Dock which allows users to connect displays with up to 4K60Hz.
While a lot of users had to face quality issues with their Type-C products in 2016 the feedback that Club 3D received from users and media was extremly positive. Issues that users reported via Support or in our online forum “Insights” were mostly caused by OS updates and not by the Club 3D products.
The latest Mini Dock was now checked by 2 magazines from Heise Medien (Germany). In Mac & i 1/2017 the CSV-1537 was introduced to the audience and described as an alternative to Apple`s USB-C-Digital-AV-Multiport-Adapter. Compared to the Apple product which allows [email protected] the editor points out that the Club 3D-product is capable of doing [email protected] Translated Conclusion: “Those who want to run a 4K-Monitor with highest resolution and 60Hz in combination with their MacBook, charge it at the same time, and connect storage as well, can confidently choose the adapter from Club 3D if the monitor is capable of using DisplayPort signals. With the switch a change to USB 3.0 speed can be done as well when needed.
Magazine c´t made a round up of 12 of those multi-adapters in their issue number 4. The extensive roundup handles Type-C technology in general as well as plus and minus of the tested products. In the end the editor comes to the conclusion that 2 of the tested products are outstanding in this roundup. The Club 3D-product CSV-1537 as one of the those two is summarized with “The ability to drive a 4K-display with 60Hz make the Club 3D Mini Dock interesting for special purposes.”
For getting more information about this Mini Dock you can click on the picture in this news and you will be guided to the product page. Check on CSV-1537 and all other Type-C products on our webpage or contact your Club 3D sales.

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