Club 3D News 38 – Award, Type-C, New Countries

Since computer usage has become more and more mobile, docking stations have become evidently important to those who use their notebook, 2-in-1 solution, even tablets for business purposes or as a private power user. The dockings stations that are bundled with the mobile devices two big disadvantages come along with;  mostly they are very expensive and in most cases they are not universally compatible.
That is one of the statements of leading UK webpage looking at docking stations in general. They had a close look at the Club 3D Ultra Smart Docking Station CSV-3242HDA and came to the following conclusion: “Club 3D took an old principle and added a unique design twist in order to provide a both useful and clever docking station“. Eteknix did award the CSV-3242HDA with the Innovation Award based on the review.

You should read the complete review since the reviewer is really enthusiastic about this Club 3D docking station. You can do this by just clicking on the Award Logo on the left.
For checking CSV-3242HDA product page just click  here

And if you want to have more information please get in touch with your Club 3D sales contact.

Club 3D has always been in time when new technologies emerge. Being the first worldwide to deliver DP 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 adapters for 4K60Hz was an important step for us in the past 12 months. We see the same importance on our range of Type C products. The top of the line products in this segment are the Type C mini docking stations with charging functionality which we are delivering since July 2016. It is not just important to know that we offer high quality products to the market. For us it is very important to check on their compatibility with major products. We can confirm that our current models CSV-1530, CSV-1532 and CSV-1534 are working fine with the following notebooks: MacBook 2015 and 2016, Dell XPS 12 and 13, HP Eagle, Millhone and Mertiage notebooks and the Lumia 950/950XL smartphone. Further product information on our above mentioned items you can get by clicking  Here
Here at Club 3D we know that our products offer superior quality. But we are looking for confirmation of this in the market as well. We give our products to professional reviewers and we have a close look at what users are writing about the products in our Club 3D Insights forum, in forums of important tech pages or in user comments at big online shops. This is very interesting feedback to confirm our quality, check on minor issues or find out on where users are combining our products with. Our USB 3.1 Type C to HDMI 2.0 adapter CAC-1504 which has been awarded by various webpages already is not only used with Type-C equipped notebooks, but with 2-in-1 solutions like the Lenovo Yoga 900 and 4K60Hz resolution or what we find very interesting they use it in combination with the LG G5 smartphone. With this smartphone which does support the very important DisplayPort Alternate mode and our CAC-1504 you can easily get data from your phone to your PC screen.
Extended product information you can get by clicking  Here

Since 2010 Club 3D has spent a lot of efforts to build up a nice portfolio of high quality connevtivity products. Nowadays we offer Audio Video adapters and cables, MST-Hubs, Docking Stations, Type C products, USB graphic adapters, HDMI 2.0 solutions and more.
This new portfolio does bring us more and more positive feedback from the market. Endusers that really like our products, companies betting on Club 3D quality and reviewers awarding our products (quite regularly with “Innovation Award”). All of this showing that we are developing Club 3D into the right direction.
And so it is no wonder that former leads become new customers because they like to commit to the solutions that Club 3D is offering. Over the past 3 months we have been able to expand our customer base to the following new countries: Hungary, Slovakia and Sweden. If you are located in one of those countries and want to know more on how to purchase Club 3D please send your request to [email protected] and you will get an immediate answer.
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