Club 3D News 41 – DisplayLink, Quality, Awards

Many Club 3D SenseVision products are using DisplayLink chipsets. When we started with USB 2.0 Graphic Adapters back in 2011 their was support for Windows and Linux. Nowadays it is a completly different story. Over the years DisplayLink has worked a lot on compatibility to almost all OS out in the market. Currently Windows, macOS, Ubuntu Linux, Android and Chrome OS are supported.
With latest step DisplayLink partners with Microsoft to enable USB Graphics Support with MS Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Users do not need to download the drivers anymore for updating them. The update is just done with the Windows update. For reading the DisplayLink Press Release please click on the DisplayLink Logo in this news. If you want to know which Club 3D products are equipped with DisplayLink chipsets and which chipsets are used please send a mail to [email protected] or [email protected] .

Products with USB Type-C are still brandnew in the market. No matter if we are talking about notebooks, tablets or smartphones who are delivered with the respective Type-C outputs or those products that make them compatible to the world like adapters, cables, mini docking stations and hubs. Club 3D did start their portfolio of Type-C products only 11 months ago. It does currently offer 13 products and more are to come. Still being a new segment Type C products already show an increasing percentage of Club 3D sales out. We think that customers do trust the high quality that they are used from our AV adapters and cables and do not want to be affected by what they had to read about bad quality Type-C products. Leading tech pages around the world expect a big boost for Type-C in the upcoming months. So time to get prepared. You are interested in Club 3D Type C products but have not tried them out yet? For dealers, system houses, online shops etc. please get in touch with your local distributor for ordering Club 3D Type-C products. If the Club 3D product you are looking for is not available at your distributor or in your country please send a mail to [email protected] and we will take care of your demand. For editors who are looking to review Club 3D Type-C products please contact [email protected] Check out the complete Club 3D USB Type-C portfolio by clicking on the photo in this news.

Product of the week: USB 3.0 Type-C to 4x USB Type-A Hub (CSV-1541)

The SenseVision USB 3.0 Type-C to USB Type-A Data and Charging Hub is a very nice compact tool which adds four common USB Type-A ports to your USB Type-C enabled device. Many of the latest Ultrabooks and Laptops lack a sufficenet number of expansion ports. This makes it difficult to use your favourite peripherals like mice, USB storage and external HDDs at the same time while no port is left to charge your smartphone, headset or other device. CSV-1541 is the solution for this. Furthermore this product helps you saving cost after buying the latest technology in your portable device. You can just continue with the peripherals you are used to based on Type-A technology.

For More Information
Leading UK based tech page has not only done an outstanding review of our Ultra Smart Docking Station CSV-3242HDA where this product did win the Innovation Award. A bit earlier they checked out 3 different Club 3D USB Type-C products.

  • Club 3D USB 3.1 Type-C to HDMI 2.0 adapter (CAC-1504)
  • Club 3D USB 3.1 Type-C Power Delivery cable (CAC-1522)
  • Club 3D USB Type-C to Ethernet + USB 3.0 + USB Type-C Charging Mini Dock (CSV-1530)

Guess what: They all did earn the Editor´s Choice Award.
Conclusion of the reviewer: “Club 3D created a great line-up of USB 3.1 and Type-C devices, offering a cable, adapter, or device for any usage scenario. Best of all, it´s all plug-and-play.”

Nothing more to write on that. Read the review



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