Club 3D News 44 – Triple Awards, Type-C + MacBook

First look, first award. That is in short words the conclusion of the review that german tech page TECHNIC3D.COM did on the Club 3D USB 3.0 Type-C to USB Typ A-Hub (CSV-1541). This product was introduced by Club 3D in summer 2016 and TECHNIC3D.COM was the first webpage to test this product. They state a very good build quality, but read their final words here: If you are looking for a Type-C Hub you should almost automatically end up at Club 3D. The Sensevision USB Type-C to Type-A Hub does not only come with an outstanding workmanship and a noble look, the performance goes along with the complete package. The price of the product seems to be adequate. TECHNIC3D.COM does reward Club 3D with their TOP AWARD. For reading the complete review (german) please click on the Award Logo on the left.For CSV-1541 product page please click on the photo of the product.Feel free to get in touch with your Club 3D contact at any time for more informaiton on the product.
The Club 3D Ultra Smart Docking Station (CSV-3242HDA) is an absolute winner and a must have for every mobile power user nowadays. Scoring first the “Innovation Award” at the extensive review of UK tech page Eteknix we are a bit proud that 2 more awards follow just with the next 2 reviews. PC Ekspert from Croatia rewards Club 3D with their “Recommends” Award and at KOMPUTER FOR ALLE from Denmark the Docking Station scores 8 points in their short review. PC Ekspert mentions design, quality of the materials and the workmanship (combined with aluminium housing) as major points to decide for this product but adds as well the good portability and the huge number of ports. For KOMPUTER FOR ALLE this is just a “really practical docking station”. Nothing more to add. For reading the reviews (croatian and danish) please click on the award logos. More information about the product you can find on the Club 3D product page. Make sue you put this item on your christmas wish list. Or recomment it to others to do so.
Productline of the week: Club 3D USB Type-C products
This week has been a week full of exciting announcments. Following Google with their new Pixel smartphones a few weeks ago, Microsoft and Apple announced top of the line hardware during this week. Apple renewed their portfolio of MacBook Pro with some very nice hardware improvments and like usually they are going their own way. A major point of the new MacBook Pro models is the focus on Type C as sole output port. What to do now with existing external monitors, peripherals and other stuff that you do not want to miss after spending quite some money on a new MacBook Pro? Club 3D has the solution for this. A wide range of top quality Type-C adapters, cabels, docking stations and hubs does help the user to connect his new up to date MacBook with his existing IT world. All Club 3D Type-C products are macOS compatible. If you want to know more about Type-C or USB 3.1 please visit the Club 3D technology section or get in touch with your Club 3D contact.
For selecting the Club 3D Type-C products that fits best to your needs please click  Here
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