Club 3D News Week 11 – CeBIT, Awards and more

Club 3D News Week 11 – CeBIT, Awards and more

Club 3D will be exhibiting at CeBIT 2015 in Hall 15 Booth D21 Number 50/Planet Reseller. The show will start in a week from today. You want to know more about Club 3D and the new product line up? Then it would be perfect to schedule a meeting and we will be there for you to inform you on everything you want to know. There are 3 ways to schedule a meeting:
1. Get in contact with the Club 3D sales person that you are in touch with and send your meeting proposal.
2. Fill in the contact form on our webpage.
3. Send a mail to [email protected] with your data, favoured meeting day and time and the responsible Club 3D Team member will get in touch with you shortly.

Famous UK based webpage was keen to see about Club 3D´s new line up of Docking Stations, MST-Hubs and USB graphics adapters after they were launched in 2014. So we agreed on not only sending one product to them for review. We did send over a bunch of. You know what? They all received the “Worth buying” or “Worth considering” awards from Kitguru. Now it is time to let you know at which products they did have a closer look: CSV-2302, the USB 3.0 to DP 4k graphic adapter, CSV-5300A, the 1-3 MultiStreamTransport Hub and 2 Docking Stations, the CSV-3103D 4k Docking Station and the CSV-3203 Y-Cabled Docking Station with MultiStreamTransport Support.
Link to the review at Kitguru
Link to the video review at YouTube

For more information on the products please go to and select your item of choice.

FreeSync is a major innovation for PC Gaming and potential game changer in the way games are experienced.  March 19th is the launch date for the first FreeSync driver and we look forward to see the results on the various FreeSync monitors which have already been announced by the large monitor manufacturers. Stay Tuned.
Learn more on FreeSync on Club 3D´s technology page.

Club 3D has significantly improved its presence in the D/A/CH region by the beginning of March 2015.
Omega Handelsgesellschaft mbH from Vienna in Austria and Club 3D have partnered to push on Club 3D´s new lineup of MultiStreamTransport Hubs, Docking Stations and more. Omega has a 24 years of experience of serving the austrian dealers with the best products and always with a qualified guidance and professional technology support. For Club 3D the partnership with Omega is a significant move forward on implementing the new line up to dealers, system houses and other B2B business in Austria.

Link to the current Club 3D product listing on the Omega Webpage. The product listing will be extended over the weeks to come.

Product of the Week

CAC-1153 MiniDP to HDMI 3D Adapter with Eyefinity Support

Our bestseller is BACK in STOCK


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