Club 3D News Week 13 – Technology, Awards, Listing

Club 3D News Week 13 – Technology, Awards, Listing

It was good to have been at CeBIT this year. You have not heard that for a longer time? In 2015 it definitely was worth going there. The show is changing and does give more options for business talks. Club 3D would like to thank all visitors who came to our booth during our first Planet Reseller participation. We did have very good talks with all kind of IT contacts (Distributors/Dealers/Retail/System Houses etc.) and received a lot of compliments for the new line-up of MST-Hubs, Docking Stations etc. .
CeBIT is over and with Computex in Taipei the next big event is not that far away. From June 2nd to 6th the number one IT show in Asia takes place. Club 3D would be more than happy to talk to those who missed CeBIT or say hello again to those which we met at CeBIT. You can send your meeting proposal to [email protected] from now on. We will get back to you soon.

At Club 3D we have always been serving our partners with the best expertise in technology. But everyone should benefit from this. So we started to expand our technology section by far over the past months and users can find all they want to know f.e. about FreeSync, Eyefinity, MST-Hubs etc., but as well about the technology involved with Intel (TM) NUC and Microsoft Surface making use of Club 3D adapters, cables, MST-Hubs and more. Have a look at those great pages and make use of it – best with the respective Club 3D prodcuts.
Find out more about the Club 3D technology pages in english and spanish.

Following some international webpages, the reviewers at Computer Idee in the Netherlands had a look at our Y-Cabled Docking Station which was introduced in Q3 of 2014 and is the first docking station with MultiStreamTransport Support. This product can not only support two Monitors with 2560 x 1600 @ 60 Hz, it offers 3x USB Outputs and one for Ethernet. So the reviewers came to the conclusion that it is a “Prima Product” and did give the so called award to Club 3D. Conclusion (translated):
“In everyday use the SenseVision is a useful addition to a compact tablet or notebook. Because two larger external monitors can be connected it enables a workspace which is more convenient than the small built in screen of the device”.
The link to the review you can find here (dutch).
The link to the product page you can click here.

In the last newsletter we prouudly announced our partnership with Omega as a new distributor for Austria.
Today we are proud to inform on a further enhancement.  STEG Electronics AG, one of the major IT chain store companies in Switzerland has decided to list most of the Club 3D products. STEG Electronics AG has around 17 shops in all areas in Switzerland an an extensive online shop as well. The company has more than 20 years of experience on IT and Electronics and therefore Club 3D is glad to have them on the where-to-buy list for Switzerland.
Link to the current Club 3D product listing on the STEG Webpage.


Product of the Week


Club 3D´s Widely awarded Y-Cabled Docking Station with Multi Stream Transport Support

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