Club 3D News Week 9 – Multiple Awards and CeBIT

Club 3D has successfully expanded its portfolio over the past years. And now the rewards for this are coming back with various awards. Let´s start this week´s news with 2 awards for the MST Hubs that Club 3D has recently earned in Europe. Leading dutch webpage has not only reviewed one Club 3D MST Hub, they just took a closer look at the complete line up. They were quite impressed and did comment: “Depending on your needs and setup we can recommend all three, a deserved Silver Award for these three hubs from Club 3D“. So this is not a single award for a product, it is a Silver Award for a line up.
Second Award “Redaktionsempfehlung” which can be translated as “recommendation of the editors” Club 3D was given from well known german webpage . Part of the conclusion here is: “…the variety of options that a MST Hub offers to the potential buyer is only limited by his/her fantasy and the limitations of DP 1.2 bandwith”.
Link to HWI-Review  (Dutch)
Link to HW-Journal Review (German)

At Club 3D we do not like waiting. Not for Santa Claus and not for the next generation of graphics cards. We just spread the news about our highly awarded Series vga cards. And now there are 2 more webpages that honour Club 3D with awards on the Club 3D R9 285 royalQueen that was introduced back in September 2014. from the United States concludes: “The Radeon R9 285 outperformed the previous R9 280, as well as the Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 in almost every thest I threw at it. It even managaed to beat the R9 280X on more than one occasion“. The final thoughts of from Germany are more targeting a different topic:”The well known and roughly similar performance of the partner cards with AMD´s Tonga-Chip left out and just looking at the job Club 3D did on layout and cooling, we think that Club 3D´s version of the R9 285 is excellent and therefore we give our Gold Award to the “Queen“!
So from whatever perspective you look at the Club 3D R9 285: the card is a winner!
Link to the Review (english)
Link to the Review (german)
Pictures or Videos are very often more lifely and bring more information to the audience then a long text. That is the approach of the young editor team at And this was one of the reasons why Club 3D gave them the first sample of the brandnew 4k USB 3.0 Docking Station. The guys over at PC-Max made a nice video review and awarded the latest Club 3D Docking Station with the Award “Redaktionsempfehlung” or “recommendation of the editors”.
Check out the Review and Video (german)
Club 3D will be exhibiting at CeBIT 2015 in Hall 15/Planet Reseller. You want to know more about Club 3D and the new product line up after reading so many news about our lately received awards? Then it would be perfect to schedule a meeting and we will be there for you to inform you on everything you want to know. There are 3 ways to schedule a meeting:
1. Get in contact with the Club 3D sales contact that you are in touch with and send your meeting proposal.
2. Fill in the contact form on our webpage.
3. Send a mail to [email protected] with your data, favoured meeting day and time and the responsible Club 3D Team member will get in touch with you shortly.
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