Club 3D News WK 19 – Computex, Reviews, New Product

Club 3D   – Computex, Reviews, New Product

Only four weeks till Computex in Tapei opens its doors. From June 2nd to 6th the biggest IT show in the world takes place again. Computex is one of three major events worldwide for IT and CE and Club 3D will be present to meet you. Many new products will be introduced in the coming quarter and Computex is the ideal place to inform you about those products.
Interested to learn more about our latest and greatest? Send your meeting request to [email protected] and we will make sure to schedule a time slot.

Club 3D presence in North America is growing rapidly. For that reason we are working closer together with tech sites or magazines in the US and Canada to provide our North American target audience with product reviews. Latest subject is the Club 3D USB 3.0 4K Docking Station (CSV-3103D) which has been reviewed by “The PC Enthusiast”. They were very pleased with this product and its functionality and gave it their “Recommended” Award. Some of the PC Enthusiast´s findings:

There are some motherboards with limited ports and there this device may also come in handy. But laptop, especially Ultrabook users are the ones who really benefit from this docking station. Latest Ultrabooks like Dell XPS 13 (Broadwell) and Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus (Broadwell) have very limited number of USB 3.0 ports and connectivity options due to their ultra thin design. If you need more connectivity options for your Ultrabook or laptop, you might want to consider putting the Club 3D USB 3.0 4K Docking Station on your list.”

Link to the PC Enthusiast review with recommended award
Link to the Club 3D product page: CSV-3103D (english) or (spanish)

As a part of our SenseVision range Club 3D is offering USB graphic adapters since 2011. Started with USB 2.0 to DVI and HDMI and updated to a wide range of USB 3.0 adapters in 2014 Club 3D delivers the widest range of USB graphic adapters in the market supporting up to 4K UHD resolution. German webpage published a short review on our CSV-2320HD Dual Head USB Graphics adapter. Part of their conclusion (translated from German):

“The Dual Head USB Display adapter from Club 3D is a very practical tool, because it allows you to use two additional displays through only one USB port. Installation is very easy. The adapter is ideal for users with a small technical background who would like to install additional monitors without any complications, but as well for users in the more professional environment who can use it when their company notebook does not have sufficient expansion ports….
For short reviews we do not give awards, but we like to mention that the dutch Club 3D offers a very interesting and functional tool for notebooks with this product that for sure will find its way in many sectors.”

Link to the review (german)
Link to the Club 3D product page: CSV-2320HD

Product Introduction

Club 3D USB 3.0 4K Mini Docking Station

CSV-3104D – Club 3D´s brandnew USB 3.0 4K Mini Docking Station

– Arrives end of May
– Preorders taken from now
– First 4K capable mini Docking Station in the world

Key specifications:

– Ultra slim size
– Works without external power if entire power consumption does not exceed 900mAh (USB powered)
– HDMI resolution up to UHD 3840×2160 pixels (@30Hz)
– DVI resolution up to 2048 x 1152 pixels
– 4 x USB 3.0 port, Ethernet and Audio Combo jack

For more informations or to place your pre-order please contact your Club 3D account manager.

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