Cooler Master Announces Availability of New H500P Mesh White

Cooler Master Announces Availability of New H500P Mesh White

Introducing the latest addition to the MasterCase line


CHINO, CALIF., FEBRUARY 27, 2018 – Cooler Master, an award-winning computer hardware manufacturer, today announces the launch of the MasterCase H500P Mesh White. Designed for users wanting to push their system to its limits, the H500P Mesh White offers unrestricted airflow.  The H500P Mesh White offers builders a full-mesh front panel with acrylic top panel. Behind the mesh sits two, pre-installed, 200mm RGB fans that propel air into an all-white interior chassis. The space and capacity inside ensures that the case is easy to build in and cable management is as streamlined as possible. The combination of tempered glass and industrial lines gives the H500P a refined, functional appeal for your build to look as great as it performs.  “The H500P represents what building a PC is to us and our community—it’s fun, rewarding, and self-expressive,” said Matteo Stracciari, Case General Manager for Cooler Master. Upon closer inspection, the mesh on the front panel is not just steel mesh. There is a second layer, or screen, that is finer and purposed to filter dust and keep builds clean.

Two 200mm RGB fans behind Mesh front panel – Optimized airflow is guaranteed with a complete mesh front panel providing plenty of air intake for the two pre-installed 200mm RGB fans. Users can manipulate the RGB lighting to create a captivating build in any desired color theme.


Covers for Clean Building – A PSU shroud, CPU cut out cover, and additional cable covers take clean cable management to the next level. Users can assemble clean builds like a pro.


Show Off Your Graphics Card – Two additional PCI slots at the rear enable builders to show off one graphics card in the vertical position. All of this is seen through a light grey tinted tempered glass side panel, ideal for showcasing your build with (RGB) lighting.


Liquid Cooling Ready – The MasterCase H500P Mesh White accommodates up to 360mm radiators on the top and front.


RGB controller and 1 to 3 Splitter Cable for RGB LED Fans – The included RGB controller can be connected to the reset switch to manage the lighting of the two 200mm RGB fans. Also, the RGB Connector Splitter and 4 pin male to male adapters are included.


Airflow is not just about cramming air into the case, it is also about efficiently directing the air to move through the system. The particular placement of vents on the top cover is key in channeling the flow of air to reduce system temps. Along with directing airflow, the H500P Mesh White provides ample room for advanced builders looking to house complex components like custom liquid cooling. Whether builders decide to use air cooling, closed loop, or open loop system(s), the H500P’s layout offers room for development. To learn more about the H500P Mesh White visit:

Pricing & Availability

The H500P Mesh White will be available for pre-sale starting on February 27, 2018, in North America, for a starting MSRP of $149.99 USD.

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