Cooler Master Introduces MasterPlus+

Cooler Master Introduces MasterPlus+

January 8, 2018Cooler Master, a leader in design and manufacturing computer components and peripherals, is not just thinking about hardware these days. They will be demonstrating how desktop PCs, with their new software, can become powerful hubs to customize a ‘whole-room’ experience.

Cooler Master’s new software division, called MasterPlus+, has developed the first version of an application that will help users access, customize, and monitor their PCs and the growing list of devices that can connect to that central hub. “It’s from the inside to the out,” said Danny Chen, head of the software team and Cooler Master’s CTO. “Instead of just building smart systems around internal PC functions, we want to expand that smart control to the entire room and its devices.”

First comes lighting. In one of the most unique settings seen to-date, users can sync the lights to reflect the ambient color of the PC monitor, adding a layer of immersion to game and movie/TV environments. In collaboration with Nanoleaf, Asus, and Viewsonic, the sync expands across PC components, peripherals, the monitor, and wall lighting, all customizable from one program. Those settings can be saved onto the cloud, synced across multiple PC systems, and shared anywhere.

Cooler Master is all about the things that make building PCs a rewarding experience by creating something that is uniquely yours. Through their dedication and commitment to developing community inspired products, Cooler Master has proven that they are pioneers in the industry and will continue to provide cutting-edge solutions in the years to come.


About Cooler Master:

Cooler Master is a Taipei-based, global computer components and peripheral company with a 25-year track record in releasing innovative products that truly advance the industry. We are driven by a passion for the things that make building a PC such a unique, rewarding experience, and sustained by a vision that we can reinvent the way these machines are designed, made and used. From our landmark release of the first ever aluminum PC case to our groundbreaking switch to the modular format, Cooler Master is committed to bringing our customers and fans the utmost in choice and control. For more information on Cooler Master, please visit or follow us

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