Cooler Master Launches The NR200P In 4 New  Colorways  

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Cooler Master today launches four new colorways for the  NR200P. In close collaboration with Reddit’s community of builders, the colors are the result of a Reddit survey hosted by our fellow PC enthusiasts. 

By Popular Vote 

The popularity of the original NR200(P) was made possible only by the community’s support.  Having garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews and shifting an industry to make m-ITX  builds more accessible, Cooler Master has decided that it is time to celebrate. All 4 colors are  debuting during Cooler Master’s Summer Summit 2021: 

  • Flamingo Pink 
  • Caribbean Blue 
  • Sunset Orange 
  • Nightshade Purple 

“Ever since Cooler Master’s inception as a company, we have celebrated uniqueness  alongside a community that dares to embrace their inventive identity. With PC setups as a  medium for self-expression, the popular MasterBox NR200P is now available in 4 brand new  colorways to match bold personalities built to stand out.” – Shen Thoo, Case Marketing Manager 

Colorways also feature different trim colors. Flamingo Pink and Caribbean Blue have white  motherboard trays, brackets, and fans; whereas Sunset Orange and Nightshade Purple are  finished in black accents. 


Proven Design, New Look 

All color variations of the MasterBox NR200P uphold the series’ features, cleverly utilizing  space-saving measures to create a chassis with unmatched compatibility for its size. Every  feature is thoughtfully laid out in an 18-liter space to maximize component compatibility,  thermal efficiency, and ease of assembly. No matter which color is chosen, a premium finish  ensures any variant makes a statement. 

  • 4 New Colorways – The highly-acclaimed MasterBox NR200P is now available in  Flamingo Pink, Caribbean Blue, Sunset Orange, and Nightshade Purple. Selected by  our fans on Reddit r/sffpc, and made with thick, powder coated SGCC steel, these  chassis will stay clean, bright, colorful and durable even in harsh traveling conditions. 
  • Limited Size, Unlimited Options – The NR200P boasts larger ATX chassis features  while retaining a space-efficient form factor. The NR200P comes with a choice of side  panels: vented steel for unrestricted airflow, or crystal-clear tempered glass to reveal  the beauty of a computing beast. A PCI Riser is included for vertical GPU installation,  ideal for showcasing or feeding it fresh air from the side with the vented panel. 
  • Unrestricted Cooling Potential – The NR200P bears unlimited cooling potential:  including two 120mm Sickleflow fans, and capable of holding up to 7 fans in total. The  compact structure can efficiently house CPU coolers up to 155mm in height and  radiators up to 280mm in length, so even the hottest running hardware can’t be held  back. 
  • Triple-slot GPU support and Included Vertical Riser Cable – Triple slot GPUs  supports a maximum length of 330mm and maximum width of 156mm, fitting the  largest, high-end graphics cards. A custom-sized riser cable is included to vertically  showcase a graphics card and allow radiator mounting at the bottom of the chassis to  keep the system running as cool as it looks. 


The NR200P Variants will be available for ($TBD) 

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About Cooler Master: 

Established in 1992, Cooler Master is a performance PC component and peripherals  brand with a track record for advancing the industry. From the world’s first aluminum  PC case to our pioneering thermal technologies, we are committed to breaking technological boundaries and challenging the status quo. Our focus is to create a  community for individuals who dare to stand out and embrace their inventive identity.  Whether new builders use a PC as medium for self-expression, or hardcore gamers set  up their battle stations as a confession of character, we revel in being Wired Different.  We are a brand aiming to go above and beyond the build-your-own PC experience by  creating cool products for awesome people to build in their own unique way. More  information is available at and join us on Instagram, TwitterDiscord and Facebook.

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